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Wilde Ganzen Foundation, founded in 1957, supports people in their efforts to achieve a better future for their community. It supports small-scale projects in about 60 countries. Wilde Ganzen invests in developing and increasing CBOs’ and NGOs’ capacity to raise funds and mobilise support for projects, programmes and structural, long term change.


For over 40 years CESE is engaged in the promotion, defence and guarantee of rights in Brazil. Created by Christian Churches, CESE has the mission to strengthen civil society organisations, engaged in struggles for political, economic and social transformations that lead to structures where democracy prevails.


Smile Foundation is a national level development organisation directly benefitting over 400,000 children and their families every year, through 158 welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in more than 700 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.


KCDF is a Kenyan development grant-making organisation, founded and registered in 1997 as a public foundation that supports communities to initiate and drive their development agenda by harnessing and growing their resources as well as securing their basic rights and services from duty bearers.


Development Expertise Center (DEC) is an Ethiopian Residence Charity Organisation. DEC is a child-centered organisation which works in partnership with grassroots communities, government structures, CBO’s and donors. DEC has good track records in designing and successfully implementing child-centered programmend has experienced trainers and facilitators.


The Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) is an independent and inclusive national platform for CSOs in Uganda with more than 600 members, bringing together National NGOs, International NGOs, CBOs, Voluntary Development Organisations (VDOs), Farmers’ Groups, Cooperative Associations and other Citizens’ Organisations.


Association Burkinabè de Fundraising (ABF) is a development organisation specialised in building capacity of community based civil society associations in mobilising support and resources for local development initiatives.


FCS is an independent Tanzanian development organisation that provides grants and capacity building services to Tanzania based Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). The FCS enables citizens to become a strong driving force for change in improving the democratic governance of Tanzania, in fighting poverty and in achieving a better quality life for all.


WACSI’s mission is to strengthen civil society in West Africa to be responsive, collaborative, representative, resilient and influential through knowledge sharing, learning, connecting and influencing. A peaceful and prosperous West Africa where development is driven by its people. WACSI is based in Accra, Ghana.


The Advocacy and Policy Institute (API) is on a mission to serve long term democratic and social development needs through the empowerment of people to interact with their government to protect their rights and provide for their needs. Since 2003, API is the leading advocacy capacity building institution in Cambodia.


Cooperation Committee for Cambodia is a leading membership based organisation with 175 local and international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Cambodia. CCC has been playing a unique role since 1990 as an enabling agent to facilitate Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to collectively, responsibly and accountably work together for good governance, enabling environment and sustainability of CSOs in Cambodia. More info at www.ccc-cambodia.org.


The Institute for Monitoring Evaluation (TiME) in Sri Lanka brings together experts from various disciplines to provide services for the state and corporate sector institutions, Civil Society Organisations and communities who are in need of ingenuous analysis, programmes and evaluations on social, political, legal and economic disciplines to make a peaceful development in the country.


Assembly of Social Mobilization (ASM) is creating a centre of attention among different stakeholders at district, regional and national levels in Sri Lanka by lobbying for people-friendly policies and establishment of rural networks for grassroots actions. It is also strengthening the community-based organisations for sustainability through implementing training on Local Fundraising and Mobilising Support.


ICCO Nepal is a regional office of ICCO Cooperation. ICCO Cooperation is an international organisation, whose mission is to end poverty and injustice in the global south, in partnership with enterprising people. Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands with 5 regional and multiple country offices in Africa, Asia and Americas. ICCO has a track record of more than 50 years. We focus on 4 programmatic areas: economic empowerment, food security and sustainable consumption, responsible business and emergency aid.



Sahakarmi Samaj is recognised to be the leading exponent of process-led approach to community development in Nepal. The organisation has been established by experienced community development professionals. It is currently working in 7 districts of the mid and far western parts of Nepal in the thematic areas of community governance, organisational development and human rights promotion.


Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC) is a national NGO dedicated to promote land rights issues in Nepal. The last two and half decades have witnessed a series of public deliberations on land issues, building and strengthening of land rights for deprived organisations across the country, publication of popular learning materials on land issues along with lots of various advocacy works for land rights.


Tewa established and founded by Rita Thapa in 1995, aims to empower women of Nepal by adapting the philosophy of local community philanthropy. Through funding and capacity development, Tewa supports women to organise, raise their voices collectively and transform discriminatory policies, systems, norms and practices.


Rhiza Babuyile, a non-profit organisation has been developing and improving disadvantaged township communities for many years through a holistic approach, which includes: healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and early childhood development. Our programmes have helped us to close the gap of inequality, eradicate extreme poverty and help our beneficiaries to be self-sustainable and independent.


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