Mobilising Support

South Africa
Type of event
Online course



Mobilising Support (MS) is a course in which you learn to claim specific rights from local authorities or institutes. During the course, you will make a plan in which you identify your opponents and your allies and plan your activities.

The course will enable learners to claim their economic and social rights, with relevant parties (domestic elites, companies, government, and so on). They learn how to apply for correct policy implementation at the local level and to cooperate with local duty bearers on an issue that is of direct importance to them. After the course, participants will have a thorough practical plan which they can implement.

The course is particularly suitable for Community Based Organisations, Self-Help Groups and small Non-Governmental Organisations.

Licensed local trainers will conduct the training.

02 August 2022: Leaders Meeting
26 August 2022: Introduction/Orientation Session
29 August – 02 September 2022: Mobilising Support course
Session 1 26 September 2022
Session 2 24 October 2022
Session 3 28 November 2022

08 December 2022: Graduate course

Costs: for one person: ZAR 16,000 , this includes training from professional trainers, trainings, lodging and coaching.

We advise organisations to delegate two persons to the training

For more information: www.r-b.org.za or Tsoanelo Mathatjane (+27677333507)