Local Fundraising

8 days
Burkina Faso
Type of event
Classroom course



Local Fundraising is a course in which you learn how to mobilise resources within your own community through various sources e.g. local businesses, middle class donors, local companies and public authorities and many more. During the course you will develop a fundraising plan for your own organisation and practice the communication skills you require to implement the plan.

The Local Fundraising course is suitable for small and medium-sized social organisations in Burkina Faso and neighboring countries.

Licensed local trainers from Association Burkinabe de Fundraising (ABF), conduct the course. ABF implements the program in Burkina Faso and French-speaking Africa. The organisation facilitates Civil Society organisations in Burkina Faso to access funding and technical support for their activities, projects and development programs at regional, national and international level.

After the course, participants will have a thorough practical plan which they can implement. For 6 months following the course, participants have access to advice and e-coaching from ABF.

The breakdown of the dates include:
September 17th  : Leaders Meeting
October 7th-11th: Face to Face session
October 26th -27th : Review of Modules