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Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
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CtGA Indonesia Local Fundraising Training.

As a National Partner of the Change the Game Academy (CtGA) Program in Indonesia, SATUNAMA manages series of trainings to strengthening and developing capacity of CSOs, CBOs and self-help groups with the main theme Local Fundraising (LFR). Strengthening the capacity on Local Fundraising (LFR) is intended to help CBOs, CSOs and Self-Help Groups to be able to diversify their funding sources and be able to build sustainable financial strength. Change the Game Academy training is carried out in a comprehensive implementation, focusing on strengthening knowledge, skills and attitudes through various training methods based on participatory-adaptive educational learning, supported by the use of technology. Specific to Local Fundraising training, the training trajectory will include the following processes:

1.Virtual introductory meeting.
This meeting involved the leaders of the organizations participating in the training to provide support for their organizations in participating in the training.
2. Face to face training.
Conducted for 5 (five) days to provide the knowledge needed in the area of Local Fundraising. Followed by the implementation of the Local Fundraising project after the face-to-face training as the application of the skills obtained during the face-to-face training.
3. Assistance as needed with online and offline methods.

This stage is carried out in the form of coaching to obtain learning aspects from the Local Fundraising practices by the participants. Aims to build the attitude and mindset of the training participants regarding Local Fundraising.

The entire trajectory lasts for 5 (five) to 7 (seven) months according to the dynamics and progress obtained. This Trajectory is intended to fully provide, not only training materials but also provide skills and build a mindset related to Local Fundraising that can support the work of CBOs, CSOs and Self-Help Groups.

CtGA Indonesia Local Fundraising Training Participants.

The Local Fundraising Training is intended for organizations such as NGOs, CSOs, CBOs to self-help groups with the following criteria:

  • Have legal status as an organization.
  • Based in Indonesia.
  • Have program or project works.

This Local Fundraising training is open without exception to individual members of the organization that meets the above criteria.

Place and Date of CtGA Indonesia Local Fundraising Training.
CtGA 2023 Local Fundraising Training Batch 1 will be held with the following schedule:

  • 20 March - 21 April 2023: Registration for training participants (online)
  • April 2023: Virtual Introductory meeting for training participating organizations/leaders meeting
  • 9 – 13 May 2023: Implementation of Face-to-face Local Fundraising Training. Location: Yogyakarta
  • June 20, 2023: Local Fundraising Webinar. (online)
  • August 1, 2023: Coaching & Learning I (online)
  • September 5, 2023: Coaching & Learning II (online)
  • October 3, 2023: Coaching & Learning III (online)

Co-financing & Training Facility

Change the Game Academy Indonesia Local Fundraising training is managed collectively between SATUNAMA and the institutions participating in the training through a co-financing scheme. In Change the Game Academy Training Program, each prospective training participant organization can send 2 (two) people to take part in the training by contributing Rp. 2,000,000 and will get the following facilities:

  • Possible mode of transportation (depends on situation) for departing and returning.
  • Consumption during training.
  • Accommodation during the training.
  • Change the Game Academy training kits & merchandise.

Link for Registration.
Click this link to register for the 2023 Change the Game Academy Local Fundraising Training.

More information:
Agustine Dwi Kurniawati: +6285868261514
Laurentia Widiati: +6285238000634

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