Mobilising Support

12 days
Nairobi, Kenya
Type of event
Classroom course



Mobilising Support (MS) is a course in which you learn to claim specific rights from local authorities or institutes. During the course, you will make a plan in which you identify your opponents and your allies and plan your activities.

The course will enable learners to claim their economic and social rights, with relevant parties (domestic elites, companies, government, and so on). They learn how to apply for correct policy implementation at the local level and to cooperate with local duty bearers on an issue that is of direct importance to them.

Licensed local trainers from the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF), a Kenyan development grant-making organisation, conduct the course. KCDF supports communities to initiate and drive their development agenda by harnessing and growing their resources as well as securing their basic rights and services from duty bearers. KCDF works with poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities as its primary target group and looks to provide them support in uplifting themselves from their situation through their own efforts. A secondary target group involves organised communities who are focused in looking to uplift themselves in a sustainable manner through asset building.

After the course, participants will have a thorough practical plan which they can implement. For 6 months following the course, participants have access to advice and e-coaching from KCDF.

Leaders meeting:28th and 29th May 2020

Starters Course: 13th to 17th  July 2020

Skills Course: 9th to 11th September 2020

Graduate course: 12th to 13th November 2020

Organisations willing to participate can register for the Mobilising Support course by sending an email to info@kcdf.or.ke.