Mobilising Support

Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
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Classroom course



CtGA Mobilizing Support Training is a Worthwhile Investment.

As a national partner of the Change the Game Academy (CtGA) Program in Indonesia, SATUNAMA Foundation seeks to help improve the capabilities and capacities of civil society organizations, community-based organizations, and self-help groups in terms of Mobilizing Support (MS). The training program will be delivered with a focus on enhancing knowledge, skills, and attitudes through participatory-adaptive training methods supported by technology. Specifically for Mobilizing Support training, the program will cover the following steps:

1. Introductory/Leaders meeting:

  • This meeting is an opportunity for organizational leaders to provide support and motivation to team members who will be involved in the training.
  • It ensures that the organization is fully prepared to participate in the training and discusses strategies and follow-up plans.
  • All team members understand the objectives and benefits of the training.

2. Face-to-face training:

  • Phase I of Mobilizing Support training will start with an 8-day face-to-face training to provide the necessary knowledge in the field of Mobilizing Support.
  • This equips participants with fundamental and strategic knowledge and skills of Mobilizing Support.

3. Coaching Follow-up:

  • After the face-to-face training, participants will work on Mobilizing Support activities/projects for 3 months.
  • They will receive online coaching from facilitators and attend a 2-day training related to mindset building as a "Game Changer".
  • This stage aims to help trainees gain a deeper understanding, build the right attitude, and develop the mindset regarding Mobilizing Support.

The entire trajectory lasts for 4-6 months, starting from the introductory meeting, and provides training materials, skills, and related mindsets to support the continued work of CBOs, CSOs, and Self-Help Groups.

Purpose of training activities

  1. Participating organizations gain better knowledge of the Mobilizing Support concept to achieve common goals and agendas.
  2. Participating organizations gain effective skills, strategies, and techniques to collect, organize, and mobilize various parties to support the issues they are fighting for.
  3. Increase the ability of participating organizations to build alliances and networks with other individuals, groups, or organizations that have similar goals.

Criteria for Training Participant Organizations

This Mobilizing Support training is intended for organizations such as NGOs, CSOs, CBOs, and self-help groups that meet the following criteria:

  1. A legal organization.
  2. Based in Indonesia.
  3. Have a work program or project.

Individual Criteria for Training Participants

Mobilizing Support training is open to individual members of CSO/CBO organizations and self-help groups that are legal, based in Indonesia, and have work programs or projects. Each organization must send 2 (two) workers to participate in this training. The individual conditions for participants are as follows:

  1. Organization members with the authority to make decisions/organizational policies.
  2. Organization members with the authority to manage projects/programs.
  3. Participants must be committed to completing the entire 4-6 months of training trajectory.
  4. Participants have strong participatory communication skills (listening and speaking).
  5. Participants have an interest and skill in social advocacy.
  6. It is recommended to consider gender equality, if possible.
  7. It is recommended to include participants with disabilities, if possible.

Training Facility and Co-financing

The Mobilizing Support Change the Game Academy Indonesia training is a joint effort by SATUNAMA and the participating institutions. Each organization must send 2 (two) training participants with a contribution of Rp. 4,000,000/organization. Participants will receive the following facilities:

    Transportation support for departure and return.
  1. Consumption during training activities.
  2. Accommodation during training activities.
  3. Change the Game Academy training kits and merchandise.
  4. Certificate of Training at the end of the trajectory.

Costs: Rp. 4,000,000/organization (2 participants)

For more information or registration:
Agustine Dwi Kurniawati - agustine.dwi@satunama.org, 085868261514
Mediya Juniandari - 087710417589