A guide to understanding and applying community philanthropy


Full title: What is community philanthropy? A guide to understanding and applying community philanthropy

“Despite a long history and renewed interest, the concept of community philanthropy
is not well‑understood. Meanwhile, those who are working deep in the trenches
of community development, and are looking to community philanthropy – as a
locally‑driven process focused on leveraging local assets, capacities, and trust – lack
clear guidance for their work. This paper aims to provide guidance to those who are
engaged and interested in community philanthropy.”
“Community philanthropy intermediaries view themselves as taking a long‑term approach
by building strong communities through the fostering of norms and practices that
produce cooperative behaviours. This goal can best be achieved when organization
leaders are socially embedded, prioritizing relationships, co‑producing with members
of their community, focusing on the root causes, serving as honest and intentional
conveners, and demonstrating enlightened leadership.”

The Global Fund for Community Foundations is a member of the Giving for Change Alliance, together with Africa Philanthropy Network and Change the Game Academy Alliance members KCDF and Wilde Ganzen Foundation.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

Interesting article on community philanthropy as distinguished from philanthropy in general. Based among other on personal experiences working with grassroots organisations in Vietnam. Provides a clear definition: “Community philanthropy is both a form of, and a force for, locally driven development that strengthens community capacity and voice, builds trust, and most importantly, taps into and builds on local resources, which are pooled together to build and sustain a strong community.”


Community philanthropy

Author: Dana R.H. Doan

Publisher/source/organization: Global Fund for Community Foundations

Place and year of issue: Johannesburg 2019

Type: Article

Country/region: Worldwide

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