Recruitment is the essential process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a position, that fits into the organisation’s culture. The recruitment process includes analysing the requirements of a position, advertising the position, screening and interviewing candidates and hiring and introducing the new employee to the organisation.

Por qué

This toolkit is relevant if your organisation:

  • is growing and expanding its team, but has limited experience and skills in recruitment.
  • has been doing recruitment in a casual way and needs to set up a standard process and tools for recruitment.
  • wants to attract the right people,  who will fit the position and the culture of the organisation, and who will remain with the organisation for a longer period.

Qué puede esperarse

In twelve steps this toolkit will assist you in setting up systems that will help you recruit the team you need. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for making a recruitment policy.

Lo que obtendrá

Know how:

  • an overview of how to set up recruitment systems step-by-step
  • an appointment letter
  • a brief standard operating procedures-style manual
  • an interview guide for the recruitment of a CEO
  • a detailed vacancy announcement for an education specialist
  • a template for filling in information on a candidate
  • a guide for checking references
  • a template to create advertisements for vacancies

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