Local fundraising example:
Auction of calves and bingo

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Beneficiary contribution, Sales of products


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
90 days

The agricultural school in Macaúbas
OrganisationAssociação da Escola da Família Agropecuaria de Macaúbas
TypeSocial human rights; education
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forA project to improve the school garden of the Escola da Familiá Agropecuaria de Macaubas
Period of action22nd February 2013 - 22nd April 2013
In-kind donations raisedCalves and other items (not specified)
Types of donationsOne-off donations in kind; regular donations
Types of donorsIndividual farmers; neighbours and relatives of students


The municipality of Macaúbas in the state of Bahia, in the North-East of Brazil, has nearly 50,000 inhabitants.  Here, the Escola Família Agrícola de Macaúbas runs a school on animal husbandry for youth from a rural background. The Association wanted to improve the school garden. To raise funds, it trained teachers, students and their relatives to visit farmers  and ask them for a contribution in kind. Some of the donations received, like calves, were sold at an auction. Other donations became the prizes to be won in a bingo.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Do a brainstorm to map the potential for donations in kind.
2. If volunteers or staff are going to visit potential donors, prepare them by giving them a thorough briefing on the project and the fundraising action. For any fundraising action to work, all involved must believe in the relevance of the action.
3. Consider doing an elevator pitch with them.
4. If, like in this case, students (children and youth) are involved, make sure you have the support of their relatives.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a good example how an association in a rural area can mobilise donations in kind and use these in fundraising activities like auctions and bingos. Wisely, beneficiaries were mobilised and trained to visit potential local donors. Thus, without making any expenditures, the necessary money could be raised.


1. To raise funds for the improvement of the school garden.
2. To get new donors on board for more regular contributions to the school.

Targeted donors
1. Land owners of the community.
2. Community members (including family and neighbors) and farm owners from neighbouring communities.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised4,6801,548
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised4,6801,548

Result comments
As everyone in the community and surrounding ones was mobilised and excited about the actions, the organisation was able, through a one-off activity, to mobilise the support of committed people in a long-term relationship. As a side effect, awareness was raised about the importance of the school for the community.

Description of preparatory work
First, preparatory meetings were held. Thus, 20 teachers and students were mobilised to visit the farmers in the area. They were invited to give donations in kind. This process took 90 days. Some famers donated calves, other farmers gave other items.

Description of implementation
There was an auction of the donated animals and items in the premises of the association. Other auctions were held in neighbouring communities. The same for Bingo's.

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