Local fundraising example:
'I am solidary' campaign

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Awareness raising, Fundraising with individuals


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
120 days

Meetings with parishoners
Question time
Visual presentation of the projects
OrganisationAção Social Arquidiocesana (Archdiocesan Social Action)
TypeFaith-based not for profit organisation
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forASA projects benefiting people at risk
Period of actionJuly to October 2018
In-kind donations raisedYes
Types of donationsIndividual donations, registration fees
Types of donorsParishioners, pastoral workers, local community


The 'I am solidary' campaign emerged from the desire to have an opportunity to express solidarity with the most vulnerable in our society, and thus contribute so that one day no one will be in need. Through the campaign anyone can express their solidarity and become a friend on this journey of good. To participate it is necessary to contribute a monthly amount. The amounts are earmarked for projects coordinated by ASA that take care of people at social risk, such as the Levanta-te e Anda project (people on the street) and the Pastoral do Menor (vulnerable children and adolescents) with the objective that they continue to exist successfully.

Tips and lessons learned

  1. Activities when carried out with testimonials by those assisted by the institution have a larger reception.
  2. When you cannot reach someone by phone you should go to the parish for an appointment.
  3. It is necessary to publicise actions in the media and social networks and maintain relationships, telling your donors about the results of your work.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

ASA wants to involve members of different parishes in its area of work more in the social projects that are being implemented. They chose to present the projects personally in the parishes. This is an excellent method for creating (financial) involvement. It is also very good that after the campaign, ASA visits parishes again to thank them and inform them about the results.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for

The ASA - Archdiocesan Social Action of Salvador is a civil entity founded in January 2001. Its actions are aimed at the human promotion of the most disadvantaged populations. It arose from the desire of the Social Pastorals of the Archdiocese of Salvador to structure themselves to meet the demands of this population within the Archdiocesan coverage area. Since its foundation, ASA has provided a legal framework for the various actions of the social pastorals, enabling better performance and networking. It was from this moment that participation in several municipal and state councils has increased as well as the offer of training for the various areas of activity. In addition to the activities that are carried out in network with the various Social Pastorals (Afro Pastoral, Prison Pastoral, Health Pastoral, Minor Pastoral, Sobriety Pastoral, Elderly Pastoral, Street People Pastoral, Child Pastoral, AIDS Pastoral, Christian Fraternity of People with Disabilities - FCD), ASA acts as a member of Caritas, and in partnerships with Church social projects and institutions such as: Força Feminina, Consolação Project, ACOPAMEC, Project Raquel, as well as being involved in organising the Fraternity Campaign, the Charity Seminar, the Social Week, the Cry of the Excluded, the Mutirão (Joint Effort) to Overcome Hunger and Misery, the Fight Against Water Privatisation, among other activities of the social movements and civil society. ASA's action covers the entire Archdiocese of Salvador, directing its activities in the execution of programmes and projects that promote the defense and guarantee of the rights of children, adolescents, young people, the elderly, the sick, people with disabilities, prisoners and former prisoners, homeless population, women, people of African descent and those in various situations of social vulnerability.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for

he action was organised to support ASA's work, in particular their work with (street) children, the day centre for the homeless, pastoral care for prisoners and the magazine Aurora da Rua that is being sold by and in aid of the homeless.

Summary of fundraising action

  • Visits carried out in the parishes with the “I am solidary” campaign, presenting our projects with testimonials of the homeless who have already been rescued, requesting financial collaboration. At this moment they filled out a registration form and a bank slip was sent to incentive the monthly donation.
  • Meetings were held and it was send letters requesting partnerships and donations of materials for the actions of the ASA Network.
  • Community and leadership motivation were done to stimulate the registration fee (contributing to the cost of the meeting)


  1. Institutional sustainability of the ASA Network and the Annual Meeting.
  2. To engage pastoral agents, parishes and surrounding community in the sustainability of the Network.

Targeted donors
Parishioners, pastoral agents, local community


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised3,500829
(-) Total amount invested30071
Net amount raised3,200758

Accounting details
Visibility, new donor adherence

Result comments
Total numbers of donations 360. New donors 80. Average value R$ 7.175,00.

Description of preparatory work

  • Printing of individual donation forms.
  • Contact with the parishes for motivation at masses.
  • Sending letters to institutions.
  • Dissemination on social networks and radio.

Description of implementation

  • Visits in parishes, to raise awareness through testimonials from a former homeless person (Aurora da Rua magazine salesman).
  • Participation in 3 programs of Radio Excelsior, visit in the 10 “foranias” of the Archdiocese of Salvador.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
We contacted the parish to arrange a new meeting and to thank the parishioners and the parish for their welcome and donation. ASA meetings in the parishes. Sending letters to donors. Donor tracking through the financial system.

Plans to repeat the action
We will repeat the same action, in the same model performed the previous year, increasing the number of visits to the parishes.

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