Local fundraising example:
School fete

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Awareness raising, Special or annual day celebration


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
14 working days (16-30 September)

Pupils of Jyoti Sroat School
Guests enjoying the food on offer
Activity in a classroom
OrganisationBethany Society
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forThe running costs of the school, especially the salaries
Period of actionOctober 1, 2019
In-kind donations raised11 donations for a total value of Rs. 15.000.
Types of donations102 donations in cash
Types of donorsIndividuals and parents


Bethany Society is a non-profit, secular, registered, charitable society established in 1981. They work with people in vulnerable situations such as persons with disabilities, children, youth and women living in extreme poverty, particularly those residing in remote rural areas. Their strategy is:
• to organise programmes on disability which are inclusive, barrier free and rights based, using the Community Based Rehabilitation approach;
• to create sustainable livelihoods, particularly among rural communities, through the application of appropriate technology and promotion of micro-enterprises;
• to promote an attitude of stewardship towards the earth;
• to create and join networks for greater impact.
In this particular example Bethany Society took up local fundraising in order to raise money for Jyoti Sroat School.

Tips and lessons learned

1. It is important to identify the right point person to manage the event.
2. Try to curb/avoid unnecessary expenditure.
3. Consider the appropriate time to hold such programmes (in our case: not during holidays).
4. Avoid last moment decisions about advertisement/publicity.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Surely you will agree with us that it would have been great to hear more about the actual school fete and the way in which this fundraising campaign was organised, especially as it was obviously successful. You will note the significant number of donations in kind, which is always worth pursuing. And there is some sound advice in the 'Tips and lessons learned' above.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Bethany Society is a non-profit organisation that caters for the needs of two target beneficiary groups - persons with disabilities and the rural poor. It is a secular organisation providing services to persons with disabilities from birth till adulthood. With emphasis on collaboration, every intervention strives to establish a community-based model and network. Inclusion and innovation are core aspects of the organisation's approach towards improving the quality of life for this target group. 

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
The funds were raised for the Jyoti Sroat School, an inclusive school offering services from pre-school to higher secondary. ‘Jyoti Sroat’ means the source of light. As a unit of Bethany Society we provide educational and mainstreaming opportunities to vulnerable groups which include children with and without disabilities and children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. These children study together in the same classroom facilitated by teachers who are specially trained. Established in 1993 as the first school for the visually impaired in Shillong, from 2006 onwards, Jyoti Sroat School is evolving into an inclusive school offering educational opportunities to all children. The students as of this year are diverse learners and with diverse learning needs.

Summary of fundraising action
1. Invitation letter to partner schools and colleges.
2. Advertisements through Facebook and WhatsApp.
3. Display of flyers and posters at different places around Shillong.

1. To raise fund for salaries.
2. To create awareness about the inclusive practices of the school.
3. To increase visibility of the activities of the school, educational and otherwise.

Targeted donors
Parents, Parents Associations and individuals.


Cost/benefitNational currency (INR)Euro
Total amount raised169,9652,203
(-) Total amount invested46,200600
Net amount raised123,7651,603

Result comments
Expected public participation 1000. Around 800 participated.

Description of preparatory work
1. Staff meeting to discuss the date and the numbers of stalls, activities, food items and venue.
2. Appointing point-persons to take charge of the different activities and stalls.
3. Preparation of budget estimation.
4. Preparing invitation to various educational institutes in the vicinity of the school.
5. Designing of posters and flyers.

Description of implementation
Allotment of duties for the following:
1. Distribution of the invitation letters.
2. Putting up posters on different locations.
3. Publicity through Facebook and Whatsapp.
4. Purchasing of game items, raw materials for food stalls. etc.
5. Preparation of food for the event.
6. Arranging of classrooms for different activities.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
After the school fete everyone that contributed received a thank-you note.

Plans to repeat the action
The school fete will certainly be repeated.

Available materials
Flyer for advertising and publicity

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