Local fundraising example:
Seafood festival

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Festival / fair, Raffle


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
45 days

Project activities with children to strengthen local culture
Project activities with children to strengthen local culture
OrganisationAssociacão dos Moradores da Tapera e Miringaba
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forActivities to strengthen local culture
Period of actionApril 20 and April 27, 2013
In-kind donations raisedYes
Types of donationsIn-kind donations
Types of donorsThe associates and their families, and the fishermen community in general


The Associacão dos Moradores da Tapera e Miringaba (Residents Association of Tapera and Miringaba) organised two seafood festivals with raffles to raise funds for their work and improve their visibility within the community. The associates raised more than they expected and there was a huge gain in terms of visibility.
Other organisations, both public and private, are now aware of the existence of the association.
A welcome side effect is that, after this first joint campaign, the associates' participation in day-to-day activities has increased.

Tips and lessons learned

The greatest challenge was to prove to the associates that it is possible to change the local reality by your own efforts. At first they were very reluctant, as they did not believe they could achieve so much, especially in terms of local fundraising. Now they have the firm intention to repeat the experience.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is an inspiring example for other associations that are reluctant to engage in fundraising. It proves that together you can make a creative and realistic plan that really works, which in turn will give a boost to the participation of the associates.


To raise funds for activities to strengthen local culture and build on processes of cultural recognition.                

Targeted donors
The associates and their families; the fishermen community in general.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised1,226448
(-) Total amount invested17865
Net amount raised1,048383

Description of preparatory work
The first step was a meeting with the community to brainstorm.
Tasks were given to different working groups, one for the seafood festival and one for the raffles.

Description of implementation
Some people were responsible for the collection of donations for the seafood festival. Most of what was needed was donated by the fishermen themselves.
For the raffles the group received donations in kind: a bunch of bananas, free-range hen and crabs.

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