Local fundraising example:
Online cake baking challenge

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Awareness raising, Fundraising with corporations, Online/media fundraising

Rural and Urban

Net fin result (€)


Time investment

Coordinator Elizabeth Waichinga in front of the Cake Festival banners
A child working on the challenge
This is how you achieve product placement
OrganisationEdumed Trust
SuitabilityMore experienced
Funding needed forScholarships for bright needy students in secondary school
Period of actionAutumn of 2020
In-kind donations raisedYes
Types of donationsEntrants were charged 10 US dollars, Unga Ltd. donated the necessary flour
Types of donorsParticipants in the challenge, companies


Edumed Trust has been involved with the education sector in Kenya for the last 25 years through granting secondary school scholarships to bright needy students. 
One of their fundraising successes is a yearly Cake Festival which is also meant as a family-oriented event to instill a passion for baking in the young and the young at heart.
In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival could not take place. Edumed therefore created an online event called The Baking Adventure, which had two main entries: the Gingerbread House Adventure that targeted children and My Baking Story that targeted youthful bakers. 
The event managed to enlist 25 entrants, among them a deaf group that showcased their talents to the world for the first time.

Tips and lessons learned

Elizabeth Waichinga, Communications and Engagement Coordinator of Edumed Trust and former Change the Game Academy student, shared this story recently at the Fundraising Online Conference of The Resource Alliance, where she was one of three grassroots community representatives from Kenya who talked about their digital fundraising experiences, introducing the digital platforms they have developed themselves, and those they have used to boost their fundraising efforts. If you are interested, check out The Resource Alliance website (https://resource-alliance.org/) where you will find more information and activities that could be interesting for your organisation.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Edumed Trust supports bright needy secondary school students with scholarships and a mentorship programme. In order to raise funds, they organise a yearly charity dinner (see example 'Annual dinner') and, ever since 2009, also an event called The Cake Festival. When COVID-19 impeded a physical get-together, Edumed thought of an online alternative. The event was sponsored by several companies. This is a good example of the resilience that many grassroots organisations showed during the pandemic, and that allowed them to raise funds in a different way than they used to, and to stay in touch with their communities and their donors.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Edumed Trust was founded in 1996 and has been involved with the education sector for the last 25 years in Kenya through granting secondary school scholarships to bright needy students. Edumed aims to be the trusted organisation for channelling funds to students through observing the highest standards of integrity and accountability in:

  • the selection of students that merit assistance and, 
  • the prudent use of funds entrusted to it by its partners.

A high percentage of funds goes into paying student school fees due to very low overheads. Edumed has put in place required structures and will continue to improve on them to ensure that issues of accountability do not impede those willing to partner with them in supporting needy students to access quality secondary school education. 

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
Funds were raised for the scholarschip programme of Edumed Trust. Ever since the first student was supported in 1997, Edumed Trust has supported hundreds of students in at least 60 secondary schools countrywide. Many of the students have already completed Form IV. Well over 100 past beneficiaries are presently in universities in Kenya, Czech Republic, USA, China and Germany while others are in tertiary institutions.
As of December 2019, several alumni were already consistent financial supporters of Edumed, they have also had seven past students spend at least three months each volunteering in the Edumed office since 2013 while many others volunteer during the events.

Summary of fundraising action
The main objective of The Cake Festival is to raise awareness and funds in support of Edumed Trust. In addition to this, it aims to showcase the talent of amateur and professional bakers as well as to educate the public on different kinds of cakes and desserts that are available in the market. The inaugural Cake Festival in 2009 attracted 20 bakers, 5 sponsors and 637 guests. In 2018, 75 bakers, 15 sponsors and over 4000 guests participated.
In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival could not take place. Edumed therefore sought digital platforms to support their work and continue engaging the communities. They therefore created an online event called The Baking Adventure, which had two main entries: Gingerbread House Adventure that targeted children and My Baking Story that targeted youthful bakers.
Supporters registered to take part, baked at the same time and submitted videos and photos. The winners received gift hampers from Unga Ltd, Brookside Ltd and the Baking Story winner received an Advanced Baking Course offered by Valentine School of Baking.
The event managed to enlist 25 entrants, among them a deaf group that goes by the name “The Quiet Place.” This competition was the first for the deaf girls and young women to showcase their talents to the world. Do have a look at their video: https://fb.watch/5Awqq-lE4A/

1. To raise funds for the scholarship programme.
2. To stay in touch with important stakeholders in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions.
3. To draw attention to Edumed's work.

Targeted donors
Children and youg people interested to take part in an online Cake Baking Festival


Cost/benefitNational currency (KES)Euro
Total amount raised27,055215
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised27,055215

Accounting details
This challenge charged entrants 10 US Dollars, upon which they received a branded apron, headcap, instructions and a packet of flour. The flour was donated by Unga Limited. Unga in return was getting product placement in all the videos and pictures. This was how the companies got some value from being part of the event, so for Edumed this was a good way to partner with companies.

Result comments
The event raised 250 US dollars in cash. It opened doors for Edumed to engage with their communities and donors. They also, through the effort, received food hampers that went to support about 535 families. In addition, the event acted as a platform to showcase talents. Edumed was especially excited to have given children a platform to showcase their talents and build their confidence. Two of the girls who took part in the virtual event were also featured in a Kenya’s public broadcaster (KBC). Would you like to see them at work? Here are the links:
Big Minds: 11 year old Faith shows you how to decorate a cake - YouTube
And no, this is not a women only affair. Have a look at this video, submitted by a young boy:

Plans to repeat the action
The Trust was hopeful to get back to the on-site event and the same was scheduled to take place in June 2021. However, a second partial lockdown in March and April affected the planning. The team will hence resort to building the online event again, by hosting a second edition of The Baking Adventure as they wait for the right time to host an event that has a crowd.

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