Local fundraising example:
Raffle of indigenous handicraft

Main characteristics

Fundraising method


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
3 months

Exclusive item for the raffle
Picture of the pot
Members of the Marubo tribe that made the pot
OrganisationCIMI - Conselho Indigenista Missionário Amazônia Ocidental
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forTravel to Alto Rio Envira to collect information to produce a documentary on the Ashaninka and Madija indigenous people. Promotion of a good relationship between the two peoples living by the Alto Envira River.
Period of actionOctober 2013
In-kind donations raisedn.a.
Types of donationsRaffle tickets
Types of donorsGeneral public


Back in the 90s the women of the Marubo indigenous tribe donated to CIMI a pot made with their own hands. Big enough for 200 liters of ayahuasca, a brew of various plant infusions used in rituals and as traditional medicine.
In order to finance a documentary to highlight the situation of different indigenous peoples in the Amazon CIMI decided to do a raffle, with this pot as the prize. Each ticket would be sold for R$ 30. CIMI expected to raise R$ 3.000.
The large pot - of great artistic and anthropological value - was taken to a public square in the city center for people to admire its beauty and buy raffle tickets. One of the passers-by was a professor and anthropologist, who was so interested in possessing what she considered to be a masterpiece of great cultural value that she bought all the remaining raffle tickets and ended up receiving the pot. All in all CIMI raised an amount of R$ 3.500 and was well pleased that this handicraft would be so well taken care of and exposed at the University museum.
The aim of the documentary was to inform civil society in general about the conflicts (territory, human rights violations, etc.) that these indigenous peoples are facing and support them. In addition, call upon the government to be more active in securing their territory, thus assuring their survival. CIMI therefore had the double goal of raising funds and raising awareness.

Tips and lessons learned

People tend to take part in raffles/bingo/auctions when the prizes are worth it. The more unique the prize is, the better.
Using local products that value the culture of its people is also important.
Raising funds from the general public allows organisations to be politically free to criticize the government and/or companies.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a good example of a fundraising effort supported by Brazilian Change the Game Academy partner CESE. CIMI attended a fundraising workshop given by CESE and CESE moreover doubled their fundraising results.
CIMI is now more confident that they are indeed capable of raising funds themselves and will organise a similar action to raise funds for the publication of a book with all the material they collected.
If you have something really exquisite, like this pot, you could also think of an auction. People bidding against each other could lead to a better price. On the other hand, raffle tickets offer a more secure source of funds.


To raise funds for a documentary and promote good relations between two indigenous peoples.

Targeted donors
General public


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised3,3911,130
(-) Total amount invested28896
Net amount raised3,1031,034

Description of preparatory work
Planning the raffle and selling the tickects.
Organising the exhibition of the pot.

Description of implementation
Exhibition of the pot in a public square and in the Federal University of Acre.

Plans to repeat the action
CIMI would like to publish a book with the material collected. For this, a similar action will be undertaken in the future.

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