Local fundraising example:
Kihyo Community Planning Meeting

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Awareness raising, Community contribution, Fundraising with corporations


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
KCDF staff and volunteers took a maximum of 4 hours per day for 2 weeks to prepare this action.

Kihyo Primary School is in need of rehabilitation
Kihyo Primary School students outside their classrooms_
Chairman Local Council V is presiding the event
OrganisationKihyo Community Development Forum (KCDF)
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forThe expenses of the Kihyo Community Planning Meeting
Period of action16 May - 2 June 2022
In-kind donations raisedYes
Types of donations230,000Shs in cash and a single + a double tent, 250 plastic chairs, a public address system and an office desk, to a total value of 140,000Shs, in kind.
Types of donorsDonors who contributed to this action were the community members and community institutions in the area.


Luke Bwambale Musubaho, Team Fundraiser, sums up his learning experience and first fundraising event: "I have so far completed 3 Modules on Local Fundraising which includes Basics of Local Fundraising, Fundraising Techniques and Individual Donors. I had a very bad mentality that donations always come from abroad, but amazingly on 02/06/2022 we had an event of hosting our Chairman Local Council 5 Kasese District to plan for our community. We got stuck to raise a total equivalence of 100$, but when I stood to apply the few techniques gained from Change the Game Academy, we raised the above amount in kind and cash donations from the community members. I even got surprised to realize that in the process of raising these funds we were creating awareness of the activities of the Organization and objectives of the event. Community members were guaranteed ownership of the function and the Organization. On presenting the Development Report to the Chairman, the chairman promised to avail our community school with desks and consider the construction of 8 classrooms in this coming government financial year. He further promised to guide us on the process of getting access to electrical power through Rural Electrification Agency. Our function was a successful one."

Tips and lessons learned

1. Community members mobilising other community members to adapt the cause was a lession learnt.
2. Gaining tactics and skills of leading an event where institutional and political leaders at a level of The Chairman Local Council V are present was a lession learnt.
3. The community donating to an activity within the community was a lession learnt.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Luke Bwambale Musubaho, Team Fundraiser of Kihyo Community Development Forum (KCDF), is in the middle of the online Local Fundraising course of Change the Game Academy. To practice, he decided to raise funds for a community meeting with the authorities to discuss community problems and possible solutions. KCDF had prepared a report for the occasion which they officially handed to the Chairman of Local Council V. During the meeting he made a pledge to help the community get electricity and provide the school with much-needed additional classrooms and equipment. Have a look at the 'Tips and lessons learned' to read what surprised Luke the most. We trust this will encourage you to make a fundraising start yourself.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Kihyo Community Development Forum (KCDF) has been established for the purpose of building a community of dignified life and reduced inequality, regardless of the respective political parishes of its inhabitants.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
Kihyo community Development Forum (KCDF) is the lead organisation in fostering unity among Kasanga and Katebe parishes in Maliba sub county, Muhumuza parish in Buhuhira sub county, and Kihyo parish in Kitswamba sub county respectively, to form Kihyo Town Council status, as it has been proved by the community members that this division and the lack of a government administrative unit nearer to the people has led to low development of Kihyo area.

Summary of fundraising action
KCDF team took the role of mobilising community members and interestingly the community responded positively to this cause. Funds were solicited both in cash and in kind to foster the action. The venue was Kihyo Primary School playground, located in the rural area of Buhuhira sub county, Kasese district, 18 km to Kasese Municipality.

1. Creation of community oneness.
2. Addressing Kihyo Community problems publicly.
3. Making KCDF familiar to the public.

Targeted donors
1. Political leadership.
2. Business community.
3. Local institutions and the community at large.


Cost/benefitNational currency (UGX)Euro
Total amount raised370,00091
(-) Total amount invested230,00056
Net amount raised140,00035

Accounting details

Income: Shs
Business community 155,000
Community institutions 215,000
3 liters petrol  21,600
5 cartons of water 100,000
2 volunteers  20,000
1 hired mobile speaker  20,000
55 invitation letters printing and publicity  55,000
Community report print work  13,400

Result comments
The organisation (KCDF) has gained community respect. The chief guest physically realised the urgent needs of the community. It was a special day for the community members to share with their leaders. The community got a chance of interacting with people of different calibers. KCDF members remained confident to scoring the organisational goals ahead of time.

Description of preparatory work
The 2nd June 2022 KCDF Community Planning Meeting event was prepared following the underlined steps below:
Step one: problem identification.
Step two: event resolution making.
Step three: KCDF staff organised and visited the office of the Chairman Local Council V for a dialogue on issues affecting Kihyo community.
Step four: KCDF agreed on the date for the event to take place.
Step five: KCDF team made a budget for the event.
Step six: KCDF team designed invitation letters and invited guests.
Step seven: KCDF team organised and initiated a community door-to-door fundraising activity soliciting funds for the event.

Description of implementation
The action was implemented on the meeting day 2nd June 2022. Over 80% of the invited guests including the Guest of Honour attended the meeting. Participants witnessed the event, the comprehensive development report was handed the Chairman Local Council V who was the Chief Guest and other invited guests were handed copies of the report and it was handed by the KCDF representative on the behalf of the community to members present.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
During the project implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the community planning meeting the following participated: • KCDF team • Catholic Primary School • Lavagnac Compex High School • SDA Church • Church Of Uganda • Leaders of Kihyo, Buhuhira, Katebe and Kasanga parishes and the Maliba, Buhuhira and Kitswamba sub counties and finally the Chairman Local Council V Kasese district • Catering Group • Cosmic Primary School and • Community role models. Therefore, all these members came up with Kihyo Community Project Design and KCDF team as an identified stakeholder of the needful appreciated for the step taken so far.

Plans to repeat the action
Yes, KCDF team is planning to repeat the action in the year 2023. KCDF team will get focused on the organisation goals and objectives. KCDF will multiply the donor audience by giving quarterly accountability and feedback of organisation progress and development. KCDF will make use of the radio talk show to maintain the audience. KCDF will identify projects and design their proposals in time.

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