Local fundraising example:
Friends of the Bumba Movement

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Community contribution


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
We held 4 planning meetings to set the reward levels for the amount each friend of the Bumbá movement needed to donate  in order to structure the project.

Material to propagate the programme
Material to remind the donor of their monthly donation date
Individual 'thank you' to the participants
OrganisationBumbá - Escola de Formação Artística (Artistic Training School)
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forCosts of maintenance and activities
Period of actionOngoing (we started in the second half in 2019)
In-kind donations raisedNo
Types of donationsMonthly contributions in cash
Types of donorsCommunity members


This is an example of community fund raising. In the Friends of the Bumbá Movement, every "friend of the institution" commits to donate an amount, between R$ 10.00 and R$ 100.00/month, to ensure the payment of expenses for the maintenance of our offices and the execution of our activities.
Each team member committed to mobilising 5 individuals to become friends of the Bumbá Movement and this goal has gradually increased.
The monthly donation can be made in various ways, even personally at our offices. At the moment we are raising R$ 500,00 per month.

Tips and lessons learned

It is important to remain active throughout the process:
1. Creating alerts for the date each friend is going to make their donation.
2. Having somebody from the team exclusively coordinating and monitoring the fundraising instrument.
3. Sharing out activities such as reporting and keeping rewards up to date.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a very strong example of using the contacts you already have to raise funds. In this case, the organisation set up a group called 'Friends of .....' and encouraged all team members to find five friends who undertook to make a monthly contribution. This target was gradually raised. This is a very good idea for organisations with little experience in fundraising: start small and gradually expand. Moreover, such an action leads to stable monthly income. It is very important for your planning that you know what you can count on financially.
If we may make one suggestion: the introduction of a small element of competition can be stimulating, e.g. the first to recruit 5 friends gets a free ticket to the annual event.


Summary of fundraising action
This method of fundraising provides a means of receiving monthly support from individuals who know our work, or get to know it, and believe in the importance of the social activities the institution provides and in their continuity. In the Friends in the Bumbá Movement, every “friend of the institution” commits to donating an amount, between BRL 10.00 and BRL 100.00/month, to ensure the payment of the expenses to maintain our offices and run our activities. All the individuals in the movement can monitor our activities and projects through our social media and annual reports, and will receive various levels of rewards, depending on their monthly donation. The monthly donation can be made in-person at our offices, via bank deposit or free bank transfer. Joining the movement may occur voluntarily or through a mobiliser - a member of the institution who mobilises the donor and is responsible for reminding them of the date and amount they have committed to donating over a specific period.

1. Income to cover the running costs of the organisation.
2. To start a sustainable movement.
3. Mobilise resources to carry out the activities.

Targeted donors
1. Individuals who were already aware of our work.
2. Families of the children, adolescents and young people we assist. 
3. People sensitive to social work.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised50095
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised50095

Accounting details
We currently raise an amount of 500.00 Reais every month.

All members of the organisation are volunteers.

Result comments
The families of the beneficiary children and young people are contributing to maintaining the institution.
Creating an environment of participation and ensuring the team understands the need to create fundraising instruments.

Description of preparatory work
1. Development of the proposal.
2. Definition of reward levels.
3. Definition of values.
4. Definition of mobilising agents (to involve the team in the
fundraising), sense of belonging, involving the team in the
sustainability process.
5. Using the institution’s social media to publicise the Friend of the Bumbá movement’s programme and the institution’s activities (transmission list, WhatsApp groups, Instagram and others).

Description of implementation
1. We began a social media campaign.
2. Each team member committed to mobilising 5 individuals to
become friends of the Bumbá movement and this target gradually increased.
3. A questionnaire was created for friends to join the Bumbá
movement, where the individual wrote down the amount, date and duration of their donation, their date of birth and so on.
4. Ongoing implementation to keep members up-to-date about the activities we run and to attract new participants.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
Each team member is responsible for the Bumbá friend that they mobilised; they are responsible for monitoring the monthly contribution and sending out rewards.

Plans to repeat the action
The fundraising is ongoing.

Available materials
Material for festive occasions

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