Local fundraising example:
Renovation of health centre

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Community contribution, Fundraising with corporations, Fundraising with individuals


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
1 week

Inside the health facility
Handing over of the signpost donated by WACSOF
Inspection of the signpost
OrganisationWestern Ankole Civil Society Forum (WACSOF)
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forRenovation of Health Centre II at Uganda Police Bushenyi
Period of actionAugust – September 2022
In-kind donations raisedN.a.
Types of donations4 cash donations, totalling UGX 1,380,000; a designed signpost worth 300,000 UGX; supervision by WACSOF staff
Types of donorsLocal Government/Municipality; National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC); community


Western Ankole Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) is a network of Citizens Organisations, such as NGOs, CBOs, Farmers Associations, Women and Youth Organisations, and other not-for-profit associations. As this puts them at the centre of society, they can raise issues affecting the community in the appropriate places. In this example, it is about renovating a health centre and raising the funds needed for it.

Tips and lessons learned

1. The community has many issues which they could address together. However, they lack platforms where they can table their challenges and resolve them. There is a need to make communities aware of this and empower them to solve most of the issues at community level.
2. When an organisation decides to raise funds for a particular cause, it is necessary to study the behaviour of the person to whom you entrust the task. After getting the 1.38 million, the person made responsible for the renovation did not use the money as budgeted and was not accountable, but did a shoddy job. WACSOF had to look for more money to ensure that the work was done properly as planned.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

WACSOF believes that a community that works together is able to solve most of its own problems. They prove their point when it becomes necessary to renovate the health centre II in Uganda Police Bushenyi. Without much effort, both the local government, the water and sewerage corporation and a number of citizens do their bit. This shows how important it is to establish and maintain good contacts with the right stakeholders. Then, when a problem arises, you can easily find each other and work out a solution together.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Western Ankole Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) is a sub-national platform for Citizens Organisations operating in the Ankole Sub-region, Western Uganda. WACSOF was established on November 9th, 2005 as a network of Citizens Organisations and registered in May 2006 with the Uganda National NGO Board as a Non-Governmental Organisation. Its membership is comprised of Citizens Organisations in their diversity, including Non-Governmental Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Farmers Associations, Women and Youth Organisations, and other not-for-profit associations.
Vision: An empowered citizenry and prosperous society.
Mission: To provide a platform for citizens in the Ankole region to develop consensus on critical governance and development issues and influence their attainment.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
The Uganda Police Force (UPF) is the national police force of Uganda. The mandate of Uganda Police Force as provided in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, and Uganda Police Force Act Cap 303, is protection of life and property, prevention and detection of crime, keeping law and order, and maintenance of overall security and public safety in Uganda. Among the services offered by police is the health care services to police and the surrounding communities. It is from this background that Bushenyi regional police runs a health centre II to handle health issues in the area Uganda police Bushenyi. The centre provides universal health care coverage to the UPF and surrounding communities. The health centre serves around 15 people per day, seven days a week, approximately 450 people per month. However, they were operating in a small space near the cells, an environment that was not conducive for both the health care providers and the patients. This was discovered during a visit by a monitoring team. The District Police Commander informed the team that there was a free and big space behind the offices which - when renovated -  could accommodate a larger number of patients, including from the community and that it could even reduce the number of patients that have to be referred to the more fully equipped Bushenyi Health Centre IV. The space that was available needed serious renovation. For instance windows, a ceiling, painting walls, a shade where patients sit as they wait for treatment and a signpost.

Summary of fundraising action
During the District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF - established to identify corruption incidences at an early stage and act immediately) quarterly meeting these issues were brought forward. Since there was no budget for such activities, members resolved to fundraise locally. The Municipal Town clerk contributed 500.000 Shs, NWSC contributed 600.000 Shs, and the community contributed 280.000 Shs, in total 1.38 million. The renovation has in the meantime been completed. WACSOF donated a signpost. Today police and members of the community can comfortably access the facility.

1. To make the facility convenient for police and community members to access health care services.
2. To help health care givers to work in a convenient environment.
3. To let the community know that the police are providing health services to the community.

Targeted donors
1. District Local Government/Municipality
2. National Water and Sewerage Corporation
3. The community (individuals)


Cost/benefitNational currency (UGX)Euro
Total amount raised1,380,000366
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised1,380,000366

Accounting details
The rehabilitation project was just pitched at the District Integrity Promotion Forum quarterly meeting, so no special costs were incurred.

Result comments
Better health services for the community.
More space for patients.
Relationship built between the community, police and WACSOF.

Description of preparatory work
During the District Integrity Promotion Forum (DIPF) meeting held at the District Council hall Bushenyi, the issue of the Police Health Centre II was presented. Since members had visited the facility previously, they decided to raise funds locally from members themeslves.

Description of implementation
After the fundraising had been completed, the team handed over the raised funds to the person responsible for the renovation who contracted the personnel to renovate the rooms. WACSOF contracted an artist to design the signpost, which was handed over to the police by the Executive Director and his staff.

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