Local fundraising example:
Art show

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Art sale/auction, exhition or competition, Charity tea, lunch or dinner, Fundraising with individuals


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
Two months

Example of an invitation
Exhibition of sellable items
Affordable art for sale
OrganisationSmile Foundation India
SuitabilityMore experienced
Funding needed forThe education of underprivileged children across India
Period of actionOctober-November 2013
In-kind donations raisedThe brunch was sponsored
Types of donationsProceeds of art sales
Types of donorsPotential art buyers


Hyatt Hotels India celebrated its 30th anniversary in India and used this occasion to support the educational programme of Smile Foundation by sponsoring an Art Show – funds generated through the sale of art pieces. Renowned contemporary Indian artists donated their paintings/sculptures to Smile Foundation. Smile  organised an Art Show in the Mumbai Hyatt and invited art buyers over brunch (supported by a sponsor). Proceeds from the sale of art raised funds for Smile.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Better control of costs. There are a lot of hidden costs. These include display costs (creating a false wall to hang the paintings, or renting easles), labour (we needed 3-4 hired help) to hang and pack the paintings, multiple transport costs (unsold paintings need to be packed carefully and sent back to individual artists), packaging material.
2. Local network/ benefactor to support in inviting his/her friends and family to the event. Purchasing high value products is often a behavioral response. Individuals are prompted to buy art watching their peers and friends purchasing. Given that, the need for an “influencer” friend of the charity is imperative for an event like this.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Smile Foundation India is working nationwide and therefore capable of organising an Art Show in this form. Local organisations could, however, try to adapt the idea by inviting local artists and perhaps even your beneficiaries to produce articles (art, handicraft) for an art sale to raise funds for your work. You will need a lot of publicity to create an interest and attract people to the actual sale. This will also give you an opportunity to present your work to a larger audience.


1. To create visibility of this novel way to raise funds and make the Affordable Art Sale an event to look forward to annually for art buyers in the cities where the Art Show is held.
2. To raise funds by selling art.

Targeted donors
So-called High Net Individuals (HNI) and art collectors.


Cost/benefitNational currency (INR)Euro
Total amount raised8,500,00010,030
(-) Total amount invested4,300,0005,074
Net amount raised4,200,0004,956

Accounting details
Costs included:
. transportation of art works
. framing costs
. artist costs

Description of preparatory work
1. Putting together the art collection. Using own contacts of contemporary Indian artists to bring together an eclectic collection.
2. Analysis of the art market – what is selling and who is selling?
3. Putting together collateral (microsite for online catalogue, collating info for cardcopy catalogues, invitations, guest list).

Description of implementation
1. Sorting venue and hospitality for guests.
2. Raising capital costs through sponsorship.
3. Supporting communication team for collaterals.
4. Planning transport and travel of artworks.
5. Sorting vendors for a display board and suitable lighting.
6. Follow-up with guests for rsvp.
7. Follow-up after the show: payments, authenticity certificates from artists.

Plans to repeat the action
Smile Foundation decided to turn this into a multi-city event and organise art shows elsewhere, using the same plan of action.

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