Local fundraising example:
Employee engagement

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Fundraising with corporations


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
Generally 2 weeks

Campaign with Air France-KLM and Chetan Bhagat
Air France-KLM employees acting as Santa for Smile Kids in 2013
Smile Kids write down their wishes for Air France-KLM Santas
OrganisationSmile Foundation India
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forSmile´s programmes for children
Period of actionN.a.
In-kind donations raisedN.a.
Types of donationsCorporate and individual donations
Types of donorsCorporates and their employees


This initiative was designed to involve the employees of Air France-KLM over regular intervals with the initiatives of Smile Foundation. Smile has done more than 5 employee engagements with them so far and overall more than 400 employees of Air France–KLM have come forward to participate. This initiative leads to corporate donations and even encourages employees to donate individually.

Tips and lessons learned

Learnings :
1, It is better to keep the number of activities limited, rather than organising a multi-activity event.
2. It should always be cost effective and easily doable.
Challenges :
1. Every corporate wants it in a different way , thus making the entire process complicated at times. Try to keep it very simple.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

As a local organisation you will probably not attract the attention of a company like Air France-KLM, but a local company might be interested to get involved in your activities, in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility. If you are thinking of starting an employee engagement programme, take Smile's advice and keep it simple. The activity should be easy to organise and cost effective. If you succeed, the company might decide to support you financially as well and perhaps some employees will do the same.


The employees learn more about Smile Foundation and its programmes, by actively participating in one of them.
A second objective is to raise funds for the programme.

Targeted donors
In this case the employees of Air France-KLM.


Cost/benefitNational currency (INR)Euro
Total amount raised80,0001,104
(-) Total amount invested25,000345
Net amount raised55,000759

Description of preparatory work

Designing a campaign majorly focusing on UN days.

A detailed event plan of 2-3 hours of engagement activity is designed and vetted by the donor, post which the final plan is created.

All co-branded communication will be created post that and inventory for the event will be arranged.

Certificate of participation will be given to all employees who participate.

Sharing event report and thank you mail to all participating employees and the corporate.

Description of implementation

Mailers were created to encourage more employees to participate.

The buzz mailer is sent twice before the event day.

On the event day, the participants are briefed about the activities.

The venue for the event is decided, it can be at the corporate premises, Smile Foundation center or any third venue.

As a rule the activities are done in groups of 4-5 employees.

The beneficiaries of Smile Foundation will also be a part of these activities.

Certificates are handed over to all the participants post the event.

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