Local fundraising example:
Milan mela - women and child fair

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Beneficiary contribution, Fundraising with individuals, Theatre


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
2 weeks

Dance performance during local cultural event
The drawing competition was a great success
Eminent personalities making their contribution after the programme
OrganisationMidnapore Association for Voluntary Action (MAVA)
TypeNGO forum
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forChild education
Period of action5 and 6 January 2014
In-kind donations raisedBamboo donated by community
Types of donationsMostly individual donations
Types of donorsEminent personalities, members of the Mahila Mandal


Midnapore Association for Voluntary Action (MAVA) is an NGO forum, focusing mainly on women empowerment, the organisation also deals with issues pertaining to child development, awareness and motivation, health, relief and rehabilitation, income generation and environment in neglected areas. In January 2014 MAVA organised a Women & Child Milan Mela (fair), where children performed drama and dances. Parents of the students, guests from local government and the Mahila Mandal supported the children. At the end of the programme donations were collected from the eminent personalities attending and the Mahila Mandal. Proud parents watched their children perform before the audience, the student beneficiaries got an opportunity to show their artistic skills and MAVA gained confidence from this first experience that local fundraising can indeed contribute to their future sustainability.

Tips and lessons learned

Communication for community involvement at regular intervals for maintaining rapport with the local communities for better recall value of our project activities is very important.

Publicity and promotions need to be enhanced before and after the programme for better participation of local community in the planned events.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a good example of a relatively simple local action that creates awareness among the community and raises funds for the activities of the organisation.


1. The overall objective of the event was sustainability of the organisation´s local support.
2. Through events like this MAVA is showcasing to the community their effort of bringing a change in the community.
3. The objective of the programme is also to make local people aware of their responsibility.

Targeted donors
Government officials, eminent personalities, local community people, Mahila Mandal (Women’s Self Help Group), private companies, corporates.


Cost/benefitNational currency (INR)Euro
Total amount raised40,700480
(-) Total amount invested15,000177
Net amount raised25,700303

Description of preparatory work

  • In-house plan for the event was initiated by the staff and children.
  • The event was mentioned in the Notice Book and had been circulated through Mahila Mandal members to the villages.
  • A general meeting was organised with Mahila Mandal for garnering support related to the event.
  • The Mothers group finalised the activities and the responsibilities amongst themselves.
  • Invitations to the eminent personalities were sent related to the details of the event.

Description of implementation

  • The members of the Mahila Mandal and the staff of MAVA made a joint effort for the arrangement of the venue.
  • The decoration was done as per the programme plan.
  • Local people supported with provision of bamboo for setting up of pandals. Generators, space for the fair to be conducted.
  • A formal inauguration was planned with the invitees.
  • The community’s children and mothers also supported by being a part of the pre-planning.
  • Refreshment was arranged for the audience gathered and distributed before the formal ending and vote of thanks.
  • Donations in form of individual contributions were collected at the end of the show.

Plans to repeat the action
A repeat of the event has been planned for Observation Day and the Annual Meet.

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