Local fundraising example:

Main characteristics

Fundraising method


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
25 days

This is the story of Kansa, the evil uncle of Lord Krishna
One of the performances
Excellent promotional material helped to create an interest
OrganisationOrganisation of Rural Youth for Social & Economic Development
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forThe education of poor students
Period of actionDecember 29, 2012 to January 9, 2013
In-kind donations raisedN.a.
Types of donationsTicket sales
Types of donorsMembers of the community, local authorities


The Jatra, a popular folk theatre form in the eastern part of India, was selected as a fundraising event for the target audience and funds were generated through the sale of tickets. Various shows based on Indian mythological themes were scheduled between 29th December to 9th January, and the local community attended the entertaining performances with overwhelming participation which helped raise funds. As a result district administrators became aware of the organisation's effort and in the community awareness was created about Orysed and its activities.

Tips and lessons learned

1. The process of organising fundraising activity, like event planning, complete budgeting, identifying a particular event according to the interest of the target audience.
2. Ways to approach officers of police department, revenue department, road department, fire department, electricity department, authority of Jatra party local people.
3. Ways to maintain discipline in organisational activity.
4. Ways to build brand for organisation and showcase its activity.
5. Means to overcome challenges convincing different departments and local people that they should support the event.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

A strong point is that Orysed did a thorough evaluation of the event and analysed merits and demerits, profits and losses. In the end Orysed was quite satisfied with the results and intended to repeat the experience, again through Jatra, as this had proven to be a good means of raising funds in a rural context.


1. Fund collection for education of poor students.
2. Brand building of the organisation.
3. To sensitise the society towards a social cause.

Targeted donors
Community members, local authorities.


Cost/benefitNational currency (INR)Euro
Total amount raised138,7801,929
(-) Total amount invested38,080529
Net amount raised100,7001,400

Description of preparatory work

  • Permission from local administration.
  • Land permission from Revenue Inspector to provide and allow use of space for conducting Jatra.
  • Permission from electric department for three phase supply of power at the theatre venue.
  • (S.D.O.) Rural development department to verify overall arrangement of Jatra esspecially safety and security of audience.
  • Permit from Fire station department ensuring safety compliances for conduct of event.
  • Permission from Chief Inspector of B.M.Pur or Incharge of Police, Subalaya to maintain law and order during the event.
  • Sound permission from Sub-collector (B.M.Pur).

Description of implementation

  1. Microphone and sound system arrangement.
  2. Selling of event tickets to the community members.
  3. Seating arrangement at the venue.
  4. Initiation of the event with melody and dance performance for an hour.
  5. Mythological Folk Opera held for five hours; the program starts at 11 p.m. and continued up to 5 a.m.
  6. Volunteers and police supported throughout the event.

Plans to repeat the action
Fundraising using Jatra will be continued.

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