Local fundraising example:
Underwear fashion show

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Beneficiary contribution, Fashion show, Sales of products


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
12 months

OrganisationAssociação das Mulheres de Santa Filomena
SuitabilityStarting organisation
Funding needed forRaw materials for sewing and handicraft workshop, organisation of seminar on production and commercialization
Period of actionThroughout the year 2011
In-kind donations raised
Types of donationsProceeds of product sales
Types of donorsBuyers within the community


The Santa Filomena Women´s Association needed funds to buy raw materials for their handicraft and sewing workshop. Moreover they wished to organise a seminar on production and commercialisation. They decided to earn money by selling underwear and handicraft they produced themselves. This action took place throughout the year 2011. The women generated income by selling their products in the community and in a stand at a public fair. The most successful event, however, was the fashion show where they modelled the lingerie they had produced.

Tips and lessons learned

The greatest challenge of carrying out an event like this in a small town is to come up with something creative and innovative. Doing something never done before makes a huge difference for people to get involved and take action.
Another challenge is to involve youth. Including them in the whole process, from planning to carrying out actions made them feel more responsible and created a sense of ownership.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a very inventive way of catching the attention of your community. With a little help from a marketing expert the women created a lingerie brand, produced a number of fashion items and showed them to an enthusiastic public. No wonder they gained the support of many with this original initiative. Due to the good results the Association felt encouraged to repeat the experience at a later date.


To raise funds to finance income generating activities of handicraft and sewing
To raise funds to carry out a seminar on production and commercialization.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised3,4151,411
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised3,4151,411

Accounting details
Underwear fashion show - EUR 911
Stand at a public fair - EUR 238
Sales in the community - EUR 262

Result comments
With the visibility the events generated the association was able to gain the support of the people who got to know it. Moreover their efforts were an incentive for similar groups to organise themselves.

Description of preparatory work
Deciding on the events to be carried out.
Analysing the actions´ feasibility.
Planning and dividing tasks.
Producing the handicrafts.
Encourage youth participation.

Description of implementation
There was a long period of brainstorming and discussing ideas. Then, an analysis was made in order to check of the actions were feasible in the community. Here the Association got the support of a marketing expert to create the SOLUA brand and develop the event. Other volunteers were involved in producing the pieces.

Plans to repeat the action
In view of the good results achieved, all were encouraged to repeat the actions.

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