Local fundraising example:
Keep abused women and children safe

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Charity tea, lunch or dinner, Online/media fundraising, Volunteer contribution


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
2-3 full weeks

LBSI Luncheon to raise funds
Fundraising tea meeting
One side of the wall is finished
OrganisationLife Bloom Services International
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forThe construction of a perimeter wall for the Women One Stop Centre in Naivasha
Period of actionJanuary - April 2017
In-kind donations raisedLorries of stones and hardcore, volunteer time and a projector, to a total of KES 41.950
Types of donationsCash and in-kind
Types of donorsIndividuals from the local community and beyond, together with the beneficiaries and Life Bloom partners.


In order to raise KES 400.000, 3 major fundraising techniques have been employed. The organisation had set a target per activity.

Luncheon - friends of Life Bloom came for a luncheon every Monday till the end of April. 2 staffs and 1 volunteer organised the luncheons and were engaged in the cooking. After the luncheon, the participants for the day contributed towards the construction of the perimeter wall.

Online fundraising - staffs were tasked with the role of circulating online M-Changa (online platform) links to their networks. Every staff had a target amount that they pledged to raise at the end of the fundraising period. There have been some flyers circulating to the potential donors, with the perimeter wall fundraising story line, as a support document to the cause of local fundraising.

Evening tea - the event was held on 7th April 2017 at Kenvash Hotel, Naivasha.

Through the three fundraising techniques applied, Life Bloom raised KES 129.350.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Time – for a successful event, time management is crucial.
2. LBSI learned that you need to spend so as to gain cash, since you need also to value your guests.
3. It is important to engage previous partners.
4. Volunteers are crucial.
5. There is a need to involve the beneficiaries in local fundraising.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Life Bloom Services International designed a concerted fundraising effort in order to raise financial and in-kind donations to complete their new premises with a perimeter wall. They invested in hot lunches and a well-attended evening tea, where the participants learned about the project and were asked for their contributions. And the organisation's staff was eager to do its part, which allowed LBSI to make very clever use of M-Changa, an online fundraising platform. Staff members set themselves fundraising targets and posted links to their networks on M-Changa. LSBI furthermore received building materials and could count on the active participation of their volunteers.
Although LSBI did not raise the entire amount needed, they gained valuable experience and learned useful lessons (see 'Tips and lessons learned').


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Life Bloom Services International (LBSI) is a Non-Profit Organisation registered with the NGO Coordination Bureau in Kenya. LBSI journeys with the women and girls who have experienced abuse and exploitation in the sex work industry. Most of them, both under age and adults, are trafficked to and through Naivasha/Nairobi as domestic workers and casual workers in the flower farms or hotel industry, but often ending up in sexual exploitation and sex work. Since 2004, Life Bloom Services International has received, rescued, counseled, and offered vocational and business skills training to women and girls, survivors of sexual-based violence and local human trafficking. Over the years, LBSI has been able to directly benefit 8500 women/girls and a small number of men. 1.161 women/girls have been trained and certified on various courses which includes the 5 steps training curriculum (financial literacy, leadership skills, literacy skills and vocational training) 418 peer mentors and 43 senior mentors have been trained. Most of the beneficiaries have started their own businesses. Others are into employment. The majority has also exited from sex work. The 6 LBSI staff members keep on coaching, mentoring and monitoring the women/girls especially on their personal growth and businesses.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
The Women One Stop Centre (WOSC) in Naivasha, constructed with funds and resources from well-wishers in Kenya and beyond will be a place where all Life Bloom services are offered by the staff and 43 senior peer mentors. Though the classrooms and work stations are ready, and there is running water, the compound remains un-used because the fence to secure the place and keep off the wild animals has not been completed yet.

1. To raise the necessary funds to complete the construction of the wall: KES 400.000.
2. To move the LBSI offices to the Women One Stop Centre in Mirera Naivasha.
3. To create more publicity about LBSI among the local community and business community.
4. To bring beneficiaries on board so that they can give back to the organisation.

Targeted donors
Local community, corporates, business community, beneficiaries, hotel industry, flower farms, churches, government offices, real estate agents, Savings and Credit Cooperatives, partners.


Cost/benefitNational currency (KES)Euro
Total amount raised129,3501,130
(-) Total amount invested15,000130
Net amount raised114,3501,000

Result comments
Publicity and creation of partnerships with local individuals.

Description of preparatory work
1. Development of a case for support.
2. Identification of potential donors.
3. Design of invitation cards.
4. Design of bookmarks.
5. Booking of the venue.
6. Make a plan for appreciation of donors.

Description of implementation
1. Sending of the invitation cards.
2. Selling of the bookmarks.
3. Door to door visits to corporates, individuals and business people.
4. Visiting the hotel management concerning the events.
5. Weekly cooking of luncheons.
6. Sending of thank you cards.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
The donors were appreciated via a text message, WhatsApp and thank you cards. Emails with soft thank you cards were also sent to individual donors immediately after the fundraising event.

Plans to repeat the action
Life Bloom Services International is planning to repeat the actions.

Available materials
LBSI Brochure

Scripts and tools used
Request for support form
Thank you card for donors

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