Local fundraising example:
Golf tournament

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Fundraising with corporations, Fundraising with individuals, Sports event


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
Four months, although not continuously

Karen Country Club is the present venue of the golf event
Ladies teeing off
KCDF board member giving award to one of the winners
OrganisationKenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF)
SuitabilityMore experienced
Funding needed forOne of the programmes of KCDF, since 2017 Pamoja4Change
Period of actionOctober (now March) of each year
In-kind donations raisedApproximately KES 1.200.000.
Types of donationsIndividuals- cash Corporates – cash and in-kind
Types of donorsIndividuals, corporates


Ever since 2009 KCDF, Change the Game Academy partner in Kenya, has been organising a golf tournament to raise funds for two of their programmes, in the early years the Food Security Programme, and starting in 2017 for Pamoja4Change. KCDF has been ever more successful in attracting new donors through this event, both companies and individual golfers. In 2017 they even had 60 new individual donors joining them. This was brought about by the change of venue of the tournament. Earlier they had already decided that it would be better to organise the event in March instead of October. The reasons for this were:

  • In October most golfers have been to too many golf tournaments but in March they year is still young and they are enthusiastic to play.
  • It is a good idea to organise the tournament before the companies have exhausted their CSR budgets.
  • Because the golf tournament is both a fundraiser and a friendraiser, it is better to have it earlier in the year so there is plenty of time to follow up all the leads.

From the beginning the number of corporates has been alternating between 12 and 15. From 2013 to date the number increased to 15 - 25 corporates.
In 2017 KCDF had the highest number of in-kind sponsorships and individual golfers supporting the event. Over the years the numbers have been between 60 and 80 individual golfers, but in 2017 a total of 179 players took part in the tournament. The amount raised was EUR 10.000 net, while the first year netted EUR 2.166.
Expenses have been reduced by bringing on board more sponsors to support the event and by renegotiating the cost of the venue.

Tips and lessons learned

1. It is  very important to map out the corporates you intend to approach so that you can know how to pitch and what to pitch to them. If you 'send' your message without mapping you will be casting a net without catching any fish.
2. Always keep a database of all the individuals and corporates that have come on board over the years. This will help with institutional memory and to turn them into friends of your organisation.
3. You have to start planning early, at least 6 months before the event.
4. Research the corporates mapped out and make sure that you send out your letter before they make their yearly budget.
5. Look at the trend in the market and pitch a programme that is easy to understand and captures the corporates need.
6. Challenges: Most corporates nowadays hold their own golf tournament so you need to show them why it is important for them to partner with you on your noble cause.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

A sporting event offers good opportunities to bring people (individuals and companies) together for a fun day out, while sponsoring a worthy cause. In many countries golf is more and more popular and a golf tournament will therefore draw many (potential) donors. KCDF initiated their annual golf tournament in 2009 and has been perfecting it since. They have described the changes they made and the reasons behind this in detail, which makes this a very helpful example for every organisation that is thinking of organising an athletic contest.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) is a public philanthropic foundation that supports sustainable community driven development. Formed in 1997, KCDF is the first and oldest indigenous foundation of its kind in East Africa. Through the golf event KCDF raises funds for organisations from across the country, that are either CBO’s or NGO’s. All organisations have applied following a call made by KCDF and went through their grant making process before getting the grant.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
Over the last 8 years KCDF has organised the Community Open Golf Tournament to raise funds for two different programmes. For the first 7 years the tournament was raising resources for the Food Security Programme dubbed “Ustawi”. In 2017 KCDF moved away from food security initiatives to community-led projects under the Pamoja4Change (Together4Change) programme. The Ustawi Initiative has focused on offering comprehensive approaches in moving vulnerable communities from food relief dependency to food production. The initiative facilitates and promotes communities to adopt improved technology such as irrigation, water conservation methods to ensure the replenishment of the environment, rain water and soil conservation, afforestation and reforestation and the use of drought resistant seeds. The Pamoja4Change model is an approach that empowers communities to take charge of their own development projects by harnessing their own local resources to respond to their various needs. In Pamoja4Change, communities are required to raise 50% of the total project cost, with KCDF matching the amount raised.

1. To  make corporates aware of KCDF's important work.
2. To develop (and recruit) 'Friends of KCDF',
3. To raise resources for KCDF's programmes.

Targeted donors
1. CEO’s, Marketing Managers and PR Managers, Business Development Managers.
2. Individual Golfers.
3. Sponsorship from corporates and individuals, cash or in-kind.


Cost/benefitNational currency (KES)Euro
Total amount raised11,000,00096,750
(-) Total amount invested450,0003,960
Net amount raised10,550,00092,790

Description of preparatory work
1. Booking of the venue.
2. Sending the letters to corporates to request for partnerships.
3. Send a 'Save the date' to all individual golfers.
4. Create an e-mail banner for all staff. 
5. Send an invite to all individual golfers in the database 2 months to the golf event, 1 month to the event and 3 weeks to the event and make phone call follow ups.
6. Prepare the draw for the tournament 3 weeks to the tournament.
7. Purchase the awards for the golf tournament winners.
8. Share the draw with the media house (print media) for publication in the papers on the day of the tournament.
9. Set up of the venue a day before the tournament.

Description of implementation
1. Make the booking for the next year and confirm it with a down deposit immediately before or after this year's tournament.
2. Send a sponsorship letter to the corporates 6 months prior to the event; make follow up calls and organise meetings in order to win their support.
3. Send messages to individuals to mark their calendars 4 months prior to the event - they are busy people.
4. Make sure the banner is used by all staff in their e-mails 2 months to the event.
5. Send an e-mail invite to all the golfers in the database and make phone calls and follow ups for confirmation.
6. Perform the draw for the tournament 3 weeks in advance so that early confirmations can get the time slots they prefer to tee-off.  And also it helps to organise the players and tournament to go smoothly.
7. Visit a golf shop and purchase awards for the winners of the tournament.
8. The club shares the draw with the print media for publication.
9. Getting corporates to deliver their branding items to the venue for set up.
10. Registration of the players on the day of the tournament and share their tee off.


Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement

    * KCDF normally sends letters of appreciation 2 to 3 days after the event.
    * It is important to send out reports on the projects after implementation.
    * It is a good idea to involve the staff of the corporates in the projects.

Plans to repeat the action
The golf tournament is an annual event.

Scripts and tools used
2014 Muthaiga Golf invite
KCDF's Golf invite (email version)
Golf Sponsorship Categories

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