A propos de Change the Game Academy

About our clients

Change the Game Academy is a program that aims to reach as many social changemakers around the world as possible to provide them with essential learning to mobilize people and funding locally for their cause. You cannot realize such a global outreach on your own. So, we work with national partner organizations in twelve countries directly with CBOs, self-help groups and small NGOs. In addition, we also work closely with clients such as INGOs and Foundations. Change the Game Academy enables them to train and coach their constituencies with the learning materials and classroom training of Change the Game Academy.

Our offer

We offer a wide range of services to potential clients: from organizing a single training, to offering a complete train-the-trainer program in which an organization can train its own group of trainers. We can also customize the e-learning and coaching to the needs and target group of your organization. A pool of 150 experienced local trainers and master trainers based in Asia, Africa and Latin America implements the training and bespoke coaching. We are happy to discuss the various possibilities with you.

What our partners and clients say

Here’s what our customers and partners say about their experience with Change the Game Academy. Because in the end their opinion matters most.

Nana Afadzinu Executive Director of WACSI – partner organisation CtGA in Ghana

Marc Dullaert – Founder and Chair of KidsRights Foundation and first National Childrens’Ombudsman in the Netherlands.

KidsRights Foundation empowers young changemakers and gives them a global platform with the annual International Children’s Peace Prize. The message of the young winner reaches more than a billion people every year. Amongst them winners like Malala, Greta Thunberg and others standing up for children’s rights.

Our State of Youth facilitates young changemakers in their plans to make a difference for their communities. We are seeing an enormous growth, in two months’ time 131 chapters were active in 28 countries.

KidsRights & Change the Game Academy
“The leaders of the chapters can enroll in the Change the Game Academy. For them and for us it is crucial to receive this blended training program. It facilitates a strong fundament under all the envisioned plans and activities. An additional encouragement for them is that they can receive an accredited certification.
Our experience with the Change the Game Academy team is very positive. They are not mere suppliers of a formula, but they are really comakers and cocreators, with an excellent service and proven concept. Also, the coaches on the spot are very experienced and pivotal for the success of the training.”

Iftinan Rose, chapterleader State of Youth Indonesia

Almute Heider, program officer with Misereor (Germany)

Several local partner groups from Misereor in India enrolled in the local fundraising classroom course of Change the Game Academy.

Why local fundraising?
In contrast to sending a proposal to an aid agency, local Fundraising puts a social organization in contact with its surroundings and with the society the organization is working in. More and more countries have governments that control money coming from abroad or/and create difficulties for NGOs that work on human rights’. In both scenarios, local support is very important. This support, in the beginning often a financial one, will persist and change into an ideological support as well.

About Change the Game Academy
Change the Game Academy proves that it is possible for each and every organization to organize help and support. With faith in local fundraising and with positive experiences, self-esteem of small organizations will grow. It also means taking steps ahead in the direction of social change.

The content of the training was very concentrated and all important. The participants learned a lot about the concept of local fundraising and how it functions, but also about their own organization, its obstacles and possibilities. The fact that the trainers and the examples were contextualized was essential. Everybody was very motivated, and all said at the end that this learning was really new – they were convinced that local fundraising will work for them, too. The satisfaction of the participating partner organizations was overwhelming.

More money is one of the outcomes of the training, but more important are the self-esteem of the organizations and the mental support of the surrounding society that some of the organizations feel, for the first time during their history.

Once you really believe in local fundraising, you will never give up again.