Exemple de collecte de fonds local:
Fashion show and crowdfunding

Principales caractéristiques

Méthode de collecte de fonds
Financement collectif, Défilé de mode, Mobilisation de ressources auprès des entreprises


Résultat net (€)


2 months

Fashion show of recycled jewelry
Fashion show of recycled jewelry
Famous actor asking for donations
OrganisationCAMAPET - Cooperativa de Coleta Seletiva Processamento de Plástico e Proteção Ambiental
Site webhttp://www.facebook.com/camapet
AdequationPlus expérimentée
Le financement nécessaire pourThe work of CAMAPET
Période d'actionSeptember - November 2011
Dons en naturen.a.
Types de donsCrowdfunding, individual donations
Types de donateursClients of LucrOn, anyone with access to the internet


The action was a result of the partnership between CESE and the group purchasing website LucrOn. CAMAPET was the organisation that benefitted through online donations. LucrOn clients could donate up to R$ 5 and CESE would double this amount as part of the Action for Children programme. The campaign was launched with a fashion show, in which the garbage collectors modelled recycled jewelry produced by them. The event brought a lot of visibility and media attention, also because a famous artist proved to be willing to act as the campaign´s ambassador. He recorded a video message asking for donations, which was broadcasted at the event. For those with no access to the internet, there was an offline mobilisation, collecting small amounts of money one-by-one.

Conseils et leçons apprises

Fundraising campaigns gain value and therefore tend to have better results, if you can link it to a celebrity.
The organisation must create ways to participate for the community where the project is based.
If the fundraising action is a campaign, there must be actions planned throughout the entire campaign to keep up the rhythm.
For events it is important to have volunteers and make partnerships, in order to reduce the final costs.

Remarques Wilde Ganzen

This is a well-designed and very innovative campaign to give visibility to CAMAPET and at the same time encourage solidarity and donations, through an online campaign and an event, supported by a famous artist acting as ambassador.


To encourage solidarity and donations to CAMAPET, and broadly to social projects in general, through online campaigns.
Give visibility to CAMAPET, engaging as many donors as possible, in order to guarantee a permanent support by individual donors.

Cibles donatrices
Clients of LucrOn and the entire network of CAMAPET and CESE, as well as society in general (as it was an online campaign, anyone in Brazil with access to internet could contribute).
Media and the community where CAMAPET is based.


Coût/bénéficeMonnaie nationale (R$)Euro
Montant total collecté4,0001,640
(-) Montant total investi500205
Montant net collecté3,5001,435

Détails comptables
Costs: T-shirts R$ 400 and printed materials R$ 100

Description des travaux préparatoires
Preparatory meetings with the organisations involved (CESE, LucrOn, CAMAPET, press officer agency).
Production of jewelry and handicrafts made with recycld materials.
Negotiations to get space, decoration and sound system for the fashion show for free.

Description de la mise en œuvre
Once the campaign was launched with the fashion show and the video of the celebrity asking for donations, there were actions every week to maintain the donations.

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