Exemple de collecte de fonds local:
Annual function

Principales caractéristiques

Méthode de collecte de fonds
Contribution des bénéficiaires, Célébration d’une journée spéciale/fête annuelle, Contribution des bénévoles


Résultat net (€)


One month

A dance medley by the students of the centre
Proud parents and other guests enjoying the performance
Everyone liked the sketch ´Nanhi Phulwari´
Site webhttp://www.bmct-neev.org/
AdequationOrganisation débutante
Le financement nécessaire pourThe education of underprivileged children
Période d'actionFebruary 2014
Dons en natureN.a.
Types de donsIndividual donations
Types de donateursPatrons, both corporate and individual


NeeV, a learning centre for the underserved, held a fundraising event on the Annual Day of the organisation. The idea was to share the beneficiaries’ growth and potential with both the existing patrons and the potential future ones. The children showcased cultural performances during the event at the centre premises.

Conseils et leçons apprises

1. That every child has latent potential in scholastic and non-scholastic skills.
2. That such events are fabulous opportunities to sensitise and involve more people and to satisfy and thank the existing supporters of your projects. Since there are many volunteers ready to help so well defined roles should be planned to tap such resources productively.

Remarques Wilde Ganzen

A strong point of this example is that NeeV especially staged this event for their current and future patrons, to show the impact of their contributions. This is a very nice way to build a lasting relationship with donors. Another strong point is that NeeV can obviously count on the support of many volunteers for the organisation of the event.


1. Showcasing the growth and potential of the beneficiaries, to parents, patrons and others in NeeV´s network.
2. Providing the patrons an opportunity to gauge the progress of the children they support.
3. Encouraging involvement of more people in the initiative.

Cibles donatrices
Patrons, both corporate and individual.
Friends and acquaintances.


Coût/bénéficeMonnaie nationale (INR)Euro
Montant total collecté85,0001,003
(-) Montant total investi60,000708
Montant net collecté25,000295

Description des travaux préparatoires

  • Staff, volunteers and children met on all weekdays for an average period of 3 hours.
  • The volunteers were broken into three teams, creative, back-end and event management.
  • Invitations printed for guests and parents
  • Logistic arrangements.

Description de la mise en œuvre

  • The event, put together in 30 days, was conceived with the idea of sharing the beneficiaries’ growth and potential with both the existing patrons and the potential future ones.
  • Volunteers supported throughout the event fundraising.
  • The event management team was involved in putting together the resources, meeting with people, special guests and to arrange sponsorships.

Suivi: Appréciation et remerciement des donateurs
After the show pictures were shared with friends and patrons, with a thank you note to all of them.

Plans pour repéter l’activité
NeeV was planning to repeat the experience in much the same way.

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