Exemple de collecte de fonds local:
Circus performances

Principales caractéristiques

Méthode de collecte de fonds
Contribution des bénéficiaires, Té, déjeuner ou diner de charité, Mobilisation de ressources auprès des particuliers


Résultat net (€)


4 months

Clowns on their way to a performance
A juggler practising
Tableau de la troupe
OrganisationAssociação Barraca da Amizade
AdequationUn peu expérimentée
Le financement nécessaire pourEducation and social activities of Barraca da Amizade children
Période d'actionMarch - July 2012
Dons en nature
Types de donsIndividual and corporate donations
Types de donateursCommunity members, businessmen


The Barraca da Amizade Association works with streetchildren and sexually exploited children. They aim at school reintegration and/or professional training, working closely together with the schools in the community and involving the parents wherever possible. Their work with the community as a whole has the important purpose of preventing that other children end up in the same situation as the ones they are trying to rehabilitate. In order to attract the attention of the general public,  Barraca da Amizade is since its inception using a circus, where the children perform and earn some money for their education and the social activities they are taking part in. The circus can be hired to perform at birthday parties and publicity events in shops. During the action period, March - July 2012 a total of 14 performances were given. Moreover a breakfast meeting with businessmen was organised. It took approximately one month to prepare this meeting. The circus rehearsed for one week prior to each performance, in order to guarantee a high quality presentation.

Conseils et leçons apprises

The main challenge proved to be the young people´s autonomy. Without the Association arranging, following-up and guiding them, they would not have been able to execute the project activities. This made the Barraca da Amizade team reflect on the need to organise empowerment activities for the young people and to form leaders.

Remarques Wilde Ganzen

A circus is a very innovative way of drawing the attention of the community to the organisation´s work with streetchildren and sexually exploited children. People are made aware of the problem and of the prevention programmes Barraca da Amizade is also offering to prevent other children from ending up in the same situation. This holistic approach proves to be very successful.


1. Promote the social inclusion of children, teenagers and young people by creating critical awareness through a circus performance.
2. Promote the circus performance, together with the teenagers and young people assisted by Barraca da Amizade.
3. Allow the children, teenagers and young people to generate some income for their participation in the activities of Barraca da Amizade.

Cibles donatrices
The community in general, local businessmen.


Coût/bénéficeMonnaie nationale (R$)Euro
Montant total collecté3,5001,000
(-) Montant total investi00
Montant net collecté3,5001,000

Détails comptables
The breakfast meeting with businessmen resulted in R$ 1.000, the circus performances in R$ 2.500.
The costs have not been specified, but involved telephone, transportation and promotional material.

Description des travaux préparatoires
Breakfast meeting with businessmen:
Preparing the project, visits to present the project, preparing invitations, personal invitations, follow-up telephone calls, mobilising the young people to produce the breakfast meeting.
Publicising the circus, contacting those interested in a performance, creation of acts, rehearsals.

Description de la mise en œuvre
Breakfast meeting with businessmen:
Arranging breakfast, promoting the event, holding the breakfast meeting.
Contracts, giving the performance.

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