Exemple de collecte de fonds local:
Red carpet show

Principales caractéristiques

Méthode de collecte de fonds
Mobilisation de ressources auprès des entreprises, Célébration d’une journée spéciale/fête annuelle

Rural et urbain

Résultat net (€)


20-65 days

Student receiving the first new books from the library
Planting Hope, not just a tree!
Public appreciation of donors
OrganisationBMV Education Trust
TypeCharitable Education Institution
AdequationUn peu expérimentée
Le financement nécessaire pourTeaching learning material, laboratory equipment, books for library
Période d'actionFebruary 15 - December 18, 2015
Dons en natureDoctors did not charge for their services, Jaguar co-sponsored the movie show
Types de donsCash and in-kind
Types de donateursIndividual donors, Rotarians, a company


1. Red Carpet Show
A special charity screening of famous movie ‘Alemari’ was organised in a Multiplex theatre in Bangalore for raising funds and also for mobilising support. The former Chief Minister of Karnataka inaugurated the Red Carpet Show. Noted cinema actors and actresses participated in the event. About INR 250.000 was donated by the participants. The event was co-sponsored by famous car manufacturing company ‘Jaguar’.
2. BMV's Annual Day on December 18, 2015
The Annual Day of BMV Education Trust schools is a special attraction every year for mobilising money and support. Throughout the day there were several activities. Many individual local donors, social activists and philanthropists were invited and also participated in the dinner in the evening.
3. Mega Medical Checkup Camp
A mega medical checkup camp, in association with two Rotary Clubs, was conducted on 15th February 2015. The local Member of Legislative Assembly inaugurated the camp. Doctors from Karnataka hospitals offered their services for free. The Rotarians contributed INR 100.000 and well reputed people who were invited to witness the camp also offered cheques and cash. Funds raised totalled INR 350.000. The net result, after deduction of costs, amounted to INR 200.000.

Conseils et leçons apprises

1. BMV gained experience with the dynamics and tactics to be adopted while preparing and implementing the action.
2. The CLASP concept (Clarity, Legitimacy, Accuracy, Service-oriented, Power) to be used while preparing and implementing any project was put into practice.
3. Motivating persons already involved in the project and helping them to become more proactive required constant attention.

Remarques Wilde Ganzen

BMV Education Trust needed teaching learning materials, laboratory equipment and books for the school library, and decided to raise the necessary funds through a local fundraising campaign, using different fundraising techniques and approaching a variety of donors. Apart from the Annual Day, which is the obvious occasion for fundraising, they undertook two activities that can only be classified as innovative: a charity movie show and a medical camp. A strong point of the charity movie show is that the costs were co-sponsord by a company. The medical camp was successful financially, through donations of guests and organising Rotarians, also a very good idea.


Brève description de l’organisation pour laquelle les ressources ont été mobilisées
BMV Education Trust is a Charitable Trust registered under Indian Trust Act 1882. In the nearly 3 decades of its existence the Trust has come to run a nursery, primary and high school. The school today has nearly 350 students from Bhaktharahalli and the surrounding villages. BMV Education Trust also provides nutrition support to the students.

Brève description du projet ou du programme pour lequel les ressources ont été mobilisées
Teaching learning materials, laboratory equipment and books for the school library.

1. To educate the poor and underprivileged.
2. To upgrade the formal school to a Pre University college.

Cibles donatrices
1. Individual donors.
2. Corporate Social Responsibility funds from multinational companies.


Coût/bénéficeMonnaie nationale (INR)Euro
Montant total collecté600,0008,321
(-) Montant total investi150,0002,080
Montant net collecté450,0006,241

Description des travaux préparatoires
The events were organised by preparatory committees. A core group was formed for the overall monitoring.

Description de la mise en œuvre
- Frequent feedback was given and processed.
- Follow-up actions were planned and implemented, keeping in mind which priorities were most important.
- Events like this can only be implemented successfully by using the services of proactive persons.

Suivi: Appréciation et remerciement des donateurs
Donors are nurtured with regular updates, brochures are shared with them and reports about the use of their donations are prepared and shared. BMV Education Trust has made it easy for them to donate, as they have all the needed legal documents.

Plans pour repéter l’activité
The Annual Day is a yearly event. In addition BMV Education Trust has other fundraising activities, such as a musical programme, release of souvenirs, etc.

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