Philanthropy in Indonesia: a working paper


This study aims to throw light on the current state of Indonesian philanthropy through conversations with people who have been trying to promote, support or strengthen different areas of philanthropy. They were asked what currently exists in terms of their particular area of philanthropy and what role philanthropy is playing in relation to the state and the private sector; what is driving it and what is holding it back; and what potential role it could play.
The following topics are being described:
- secular institutional philanthropy
- faith-based philanthropy
- social justice philanthropy
- social enterprise and impact investing
- philanthropy infrastructure
- infrastructure organizations
- legal and fiscal framework

Review by Wilde Ganzen

A well-written paper, in which the information and opinions obtained from 19 philanthropy experts in Indonesia is structured along the abovementioned topics.
This is a valuable report, especially for those interested in:
• the motivations of different persons who practice philanthropy: knowing these may help you decide how you could approach them or their peers
• the influence of political space that can constrain philanthropy



Author: Caroline Hartnell

Publisher/source/organization: Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace www.psjp.org

Place and year of issue: London 2020

Type: Research report

Country/region: Asia

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