Annual report


An annual report is a comprehensive report on an organisation’s activities and impact throughout the preceding year. It is intended to share the organisation’s achievements and financial performance with stakeholders, beneficiaries, funders, and other interested people.


This toolkit is of interest for your organisation when it:

  • needs to publish outcomes achieved during the year.
  • wants to show transparency in terms of financial reports and other accountability measures.
  • needs a comprehensive marketing tool in order to spread it's message to a wider audience and gain supporters and funders.
La finalité

In eight steps we will guide you to make the annual report. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for creating this report. 

Ce que vous obtenez  
Know how:
  • an overview of how to make an annual report step-by-step
  • an annual report from an organisation in India
  • an annual report from an organisation in Ethiopia
  • an annual report from an organisation in Kenya
  • an assessment to help you create a plan for the next edition of your annual report
  • a checklist that helps not to forget any important element of an annual report
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