Grant seeking and management


Grants are external funds received by an organisation and an important source of funding. Effective grant management helps to have a stable income over several months or years.


This toolkit is useful for your organisation when it needs:

  • funds for a specific project.
  • to cover part of its budget through a grant.
  • to manage the grants given professionally in order to enhance the chance of receiving more in future.
La finalité

In nine steps we support you to create a system to manage your grant funding and ensure you can maintain relationships with funders in the long term. You’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for managing grants.

Ce que vous obtenez  
Know how:
  • an overview of how to seek and manage grants step-by-step
  • grant application about promoting human rights through sustainable employment for young women
  • checklist for the division of the key responsabilities in the management of a grant
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