Orientation of New Staff


The orientation of new staff involves familiarising newly appointed employees to the work environment of the organisation. This process is incredibly important to help employees become immediately effective, to build an understanding of how the organisation works and to manage expectations.


This toolkit is of interest for your organisation when you:

  • hire new employees and need a structured orientation process to support the integration of new staff members
  • experience high staff turnover and need to improve the orientation process to increase job satisfaction

La finalité

In six steps this toolkit assists you in orienting your new team members to the organisation. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for creating and implementing an orientation system for new staff.

Ce que vous obtenez

Know how:

  • an overview of how to orient new staff step-by-step.
  • a two-week induction schedule tailored to a specific new employee’s role
  • a two day induction schedule for new employees
  • a checklist to track and ensure that all components of the introduction get completed
  • a guide detailing the components of an organisation’s orientation process
  • a checklist to ensure that all new hires get an introduction to your organisation and their role in it

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