Digital Communication Security

Digital security consists of a series of measures to protect information from possible attacks, thereby maintaining the integrity of an organization’s communication and digital files. These measures are undertaken through a group process, involving many people at different levels of communication.
This material is useful for an organization which:

  • Wants to construct a more secure communications network between its contacts;
  • Sees the need for behaviour change to protect itself;
  • Produces content and data that must only be known to the organization;
  • Vales the security of its team and resources;
  • Seeks autonomy of information exchanged between everyone.
La finalité
A step-by-step guide on how to activate digital security strategies for integrated protection and a brief overview of how the internet functions in order to understand the pathways digital information takes, contextualizing the importance of security of information linked to concepts of surveillance and privacy. Here, you will also obtain knowledge of certain tools to construct a digital security protocol.
Ce que vous obtenez  


  • A general step-by-step view of how to construct secure communications


  • How to make a plan to follow security strategies

Support tools

  • Introduction to digital security and surveillance
  • Model tables to map information and strategies
  • KeePassXC site
  • Signal encrypted chat
  • Riseup VPN
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