Local fundraising example:
Watoto (children's) fun fair

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Festival / fair, Special or annual day celebration


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
3 months

Child wearing a 116 branded T-Shirt
Banners and a red carpet
Exhibition tents
SuitabilitySlightly experienced
Funding needed forNational Child Helpline
Period of actionMarch - June 2016
In-kind donations raisedAll donations were in-kind (to the value of about Tshs 65 million).
Types of donationsT-Shirts, prizes for games, media coverage and PA system, free Wi-Fi, food for 500 children, creation of video and online promotions, photography, support for Helpline visibility online and on mainstream media
Types of donorsCorporates in the donor community


Watoto Fun Fair was jointly organised by C-Sema (Sema Magazine) and Jamii Media (who owns Jamii Forums & Fikra Pevu social networks). Held on the Day of the African Child, the event commemorated this important international day and created space for children to have fun and interact.
Over 700 children joined C-Sema in making history – the first ever child-centred event in Tanzania, co-sponsored by governments, corporates and CSOs.
Outdoors the children were having fun: football, face painting, basketball, imagination playground and music.
Indoor gamers had fun too. And there were other activities as well: drawing, poems, dancing, reading and much more.
C-Sema was lucky to have awesome volunteers from all over the world that helped from morning till evening with decorations, face painting, games, photography, food and keeping the park clean.
Tanzanian soul artist Damian Soul also joined in as Save the Children International launched an animated version of his ‘Watoto Wetu’, a melody that carries a call to end physically humiliating punishments in schools. The song has been animated by Ubongo Kids and a girl joins Damian in this version to deliver this important message.
At the end of the day, children gathered together and brought their messages to life through traditional song, dance and acrobatics.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Reaching out to sponsors and donors early on and giving them feedback after the event is important.
2. Clear communication through media channels is also important.
3. Volunteers are useful in organising and running activities before and during the event. They donate their time and this is priceless.
4. Initially, it is about building your brand and trust in the community and to businesses so that they can believe in your work and champion it.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

A fair this size constitutes an expensive event and can only be profitably organised if you manage to raise in-kind donations from different sponsors. In this case the event was mainly used to promote the National Child Helpline, with corporate and organisational donors providing the necessary funds. If you would like to attempt a similar event, it is a good idea to recruit a number of volunteers to organise and run activities before and during the event. You will also need ample time to raise both in-kind and cash donations and organise the event.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
C-Sema envisions: • A Tanzania where all parents are informed about their roles and responsibilities towards children’s right to be heard; • A Tanzania where all children are free to express themselves; and • A Tanzania where all communities are proactive in their support towards all children’s growth and development. C-Sema has an all-inclusive approach to Child Services. Working with children and their parents on the one hand, and communities and local governments on the other, allows them to understand local challenges faced by children and their parents in accessing services as well as the challenges ’service providers’ face. C-Sema also runs the National Child Helpline; a free of cost government telephone service intended to help children, their parents/guardians and the general public access children services provided by both national and their local governments. The helpline is made available by Tanzania’s communication regulator (TCRA), children affairs.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
Sema Magazine organised a children’s event to raise funds for the organisation and, in particular, the National Child Helpline. The aim was to increase awareness of the helpline service and brand the helpline to both children, parents and corporates. Sema believes in the long run, this awareness will help them mobilise funds locally.

To increase awareness and branding of the National Child Helpline.

Targeted donors
Corporates, organisations, individuals.


Cost/benefitNational currency (TZS)Euro
Total amount raised65,000,00026,200
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised65,000,00026,200

Result comments
Relationship building and increased awareness of the National Child Helpline and Sema Magazine, especially to corporates.

Description of preparatory work
1. visited different corporates and organisations with a proposal for the event requesting support.
2. secured a venue for the event.
3. visited schools inviting them to participate; both public and private primary schools were invited.
4. planned for outdoor and indoor activities and prizes.
5. approached a few influential and respected people to help promote the event (including mothers, media personalities, child rights activists and musicians).

Description of implementation
1. During the weeks leading up to the event, promotions were done on C-Sema's social media channels as well as on Jamii Media’s Channels.
2. On the day of the event all partners were given spaces for exhibitions and to interact with children as the games proceeded.
3. Over 300 children got their eyes tested thanks to a Standard Chartered Bank initiative.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
1. C-Sema sent ‘Thank You’ emails to all donors and organisations that took part. 2. C-Sema engaged and thanked all donors and partners on Twitter. 3. C-Sema sent an Event Report to all partners once it was out. 4. Donors got featured on the Event Page of Sema Magazine.

Plans to repeat the action
C-Sema is planning a second Watoto Fun Fair on the Day of the African Child 2017.

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