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Corporate Social Responsibility

Covid 19





A guide to understanding and applying community philanthropy

Community philanthropy

Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) website

African philanthropy CSO law

Alliance Magazine on Global Philanthropy

Community Philanthropy Social investment examples

Assessment of The Legal Environment for Civil Society In Ghana

CSO law

Baseline Study for the Development of Community Philanthropy in Burkina Faso

Philanthropy Community philanthropy CSO and funders

CAF WORLD GIVING INDEX 2021: A global pandemic special report

Community Philanthropy Volunteering Statistics

Creating an enabling environment for philanthropy through tax incentives

Philanthropy Tax reduction Public Benefit Organisations (PBO)

East Africa Philanthropy Network

African Philanthropy CSO and government CSO law Domestic resource mobilisation Fundraising Knowledge dissemination tools Partnerships and networking

From “Innovation for Localization” to “Local Philanthropy, Localization and Power” A learning report on collaboration across systems

African Philanthropy Community philanthropy Domestic resource mobilisation Donor relations Donors, international Learning resources Localisation agenda Partnerships and networking Philanthropy Power shifting

Indigenous and Afro-descendent Ancestral Practices and Philanthropy in the Americas

Mutual support Community philanthropy

Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace


Philanthropy in Brazil: a working paper


Philanthropy in Indonesia: a working paper



Masterclass fundraising

Report of Independent Study of the Status of Philanthropy in Tanzania


Strengthening an enabling environment for community philanthropy in east africa: research on local resource mobilisation trends

African Philanthropy Community philanthropy CSO law Domestic resource mobilisation Knowledge dissemination tools Partnerships and networking

Study on traditional and cultural philanthropy in Burkina Faso


The case for Community Philanthropy: How the Practice Builds Local Assets, Capacity, and Trust—and Why It Matters

Community philanthropy Community-led development Domestic resource mobilisation

The value of community philanthropy: Results of a consultation

Community philanthropy Domestic resource mobilisation Donor relations Donors, international Philanthropy

Resource Mobilisation

Shifting the Power


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