Baseline Study for the Development of Community Philanthropy in Burkina Faso


Original report in French, with translation in English.
“This study revealed some bottlenecks that hinder the social, economic and political empowerment of women and youth in Burkina Faso. It also allowed to identify three types of community philanthropy stakeholders in Burkina Faso including, stakeholders organizing the collection and redistribution of resources, stakeholders supporting various forms of solidarity within
communities and stakeholders making donations. The resources mobilized by these stakeholders are reinvested in several areas, namely health, education, women's empowerment, culture, sport,
etc. As such, the study found that Burkina Faso has a great potential for donations from individuals and legal entities. Individual donors target children, orphans, people with disabilities and senior citizens, and large companies target women, children, young people and people with disabilities. However, the main donation areas remain the same for these two categories, namely, health and education.
It should be noted that despite this bright picture of the potential for donation in Burkina Faso, we must recognize that there are still some challenges related to the inaccessibility of donations at the
level of large companies, and unfulfilled promises, propensity of individual donations for emergencies as well as for development projects, donations for advertising or marketing purposes, value based conflicts, “political business” of some large companies, etc.”

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This study, published in 2020, was carried out on behalf of four grassroot organisations active in philanthropy in Burkina Faso. It provides valuable insights in the strengths and weaknesses of many community philanthropy initiatives in the country.
Important reading, especially where on page 18 the strengths and limits of establishing a foundation and a fund are discussed, in order to raise and disburse financial resources for community initiatives.


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Author: N.a.

Publisher/source/organization: IPBF (Initiative Pananetugri pour le Bien-être de la Femme); ACCED (Association Cri de Coeur pour l’Equité et le Développement); AMF (Association Munyu des Femmes); ADEP (Association D’appui et d’Eveil Pugsada)

Place and year of issue: 2020

Type: Research report

Country/region: Africa Burkina Faso

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