Exemplo de arrecadação local:
22nd Annual day

Características principais

Método de captação de recursos
Contribução do beneficiário, Celebração de um dia especial/do dia anual


Resultado líquido final (€)


Tempo investido
20-25 days

Speech by Chairperson of Municipal Council, appreciating the performances and announcing his donation
Children performing a dance in front of the audience
Role play performed by students
OrganizaçãoBahujan Hitay Goa
AdequaçãoNível iniciante
Necessidade de arrecadaçãoUnderprivileged children
Período de açãoMarch 4, 2014
Doações em espécie arrecadadasYes, but not specified
Tipos de doaçõesCorporate and individual donations
Tipos de doadoresSocial Welfare Department of Goa, local businesses, the community in general


An Annual Programme was organised as a fundraising event, in which guests were invited from the Municipal Corporation and Social Welfare Department of Goa. Local community people, including parents, were present for the event and students performed cultural activities at the event.

Dicas e lições aprendidas

You should make a proper budget for the event, keeping in mind the risk factor: the variance between expected and actual action result, due to low response from donors.

BH Goa concluded that next time they need to focus more on planning the event and sharing responsibilities.

It is wise to approach donors at least two months before the event.

Revisão de Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a good example of a first attempt that was not as successful as expected. BH Goa raised a little more than twice the amount they spent on the event. They do not specify the costs, but it would be interesting to investigate if any of these costs could be sponsored by corporates the next time. A strong point is that the organisation obviously sat down afterwards to evaluate and decide what they will do differently when they organise the Annual Day in 2015.



  • Fundraising through a programme at local level.
  • Community awareness.

Doadores orientados

  • Government officials
  • Members of the community
  • Local businesses
  • Local sponsors


Custo/benefícioMoneda nacional (INR)Euro
Total arrecadado105,0001,229
(-) Total investido50,000585
Total líquido arrecadado55,000644

Descrição dos trabalhos preparatórios

  • Preparation of dance and cultural programme by staff and teachers.
  • Searching and contacting sponsors by leader and trustees of BH Goa.
  • Inviting corporated for the event.
  • Inviting Chairperson of Municipal Council< Arranging logistics Arranging venue.

Descrição da implementação

  • The entire programme was implemented as per the action plan.
  • Dance and cultural programme was performed by children.
  • Chief guests announced some contribution for the upliftment of children.
  • People from the community were informed about the aims and objectives of the project and approached for a donation. A donation box was put up at the event. Also some expenses like food and snacks were taken care of by the community members.
  • Planos para repetir a ação
    BH Goa intends to invite the donors and corporates on other important days like Independent Day and Republic Day as well, to better acquaint them with their work. They are also trying to recruit some of them to help the children of the centre with educational activities. The Annual Day will be repeated in 2015, with better planning (see Tips and Lessons learned).

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