How NGOs can convert good project ideas into Successful Project Proposals


“NGOs tackle complex social problems and issues by designing and implementing innovative
approaches and solutions. But to do so, they need resources. Financial resources/ funding is
needed to implement the breakthrough solutions that NGOs devise on the ground to affect
change. Good ideas and innovative approaches can come from anywhere, but the key skill and
expertise needed is around giving these ideas a structure in the format of a project proposal.
Once you have your solutions structured systematically in the form of a proposal, you can
approach the funders/ donors to seek the financial support you need.
“The e-book is designed to help your NGO to conceptualize ideas to address various issues
and problems, conduct research and collect data for ideas, and finally develop your project
ideas into successful project proposals.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This document is accessible only through the Premium membership of fundsforNGOs https://home.fundsforngospremium.com/ , which costs US$ 100 a year.
It is a concise guide to the work everybody needs to do who needs funding for a project. The e-book contains useful examples of formats and checklists on the following topics:
• Project planning worksheet
• Donor Mapping Sheet
• Donor Research Tools
• Donor Contact Information Tracking
• Task and responsibility sheet for proposal planning
• Proposal Structure
• Critical Aspects of a Successful Process of converting project ideas into successful
project proposals


Project Proposals

Author: Saumya Arora

Publisher/source/organization: fundsforNGOs LLC

Place and year of issue: New York NY 2020

Type: E-book

Country/region: Worldwide

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