Leadership Skills Development


An organisation's leader has multiple key performance areas which require a diverse skill set. An organisation or the leader itself might want to get insight in these skills and further develop them.


Follow this toolkit when you as a leader:

  • need support in your leadership role and in developing key leadership skills and competencies.
  • want to identify whether your skills meet the changing need of the organisation and deliver on the key performance areas.

O que você pode esperar

In four steps, we will guide you as a leader to identify what skills are required for the different areas, conduct an evaluation and create an action plan to address areas for development. Here you’ll find this step-by-step guide, tools, examples and other resources for the development of a leader's skills.

O que você terá

Know How:

  • leadership skills development step-by-step
  • a list of questions and answers a leader can ask himself/herself to get insight in his/her competencies
  • a list with leadership skills and competenties to prioritise areas of skills development

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