Stakeholder Analysis


A stakeholder analysis is an important tool to identify key people that can influence the success of your organisation and projects. It helps you to collect and analyse qualitative information to better understand their needs and interests. By identifying those people and figuring out how to best manage them, you can make a big difference to your organisation.


This toolkit is helpful for your organisation when:

  • You need to understand who can influence your activities positively or negatively.
  • You want to better communicate and engage with different stakeholders such as your beneficiaries.

O que você pode esperar

In eight steps, this toolkit will support you to identify appropriate strategies and approaches for stakeholder communication and engagement, and how to include key stakeholders in decision-making processes.

O que você terá

Know how:

  • an overview of how to make a stakeholder analysis step-by-step
  • several stakeholder analyses made by different NGOs
  • a worksheet to help you create your own stakeholder analysis
  • a format for setting up a stakeholder engagement plan

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