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#ShiftThePower: the rise of community philanthropy


“The essence of community philanthropy is that development should be owned by local people not imposed from the outside, and that power should be shifted closer to the ground to give people control over their own destiny. Community philanthropy’s advocates, many of whom are featured in this issue of Alliance, argue that, in addition to being socially just, this approach to development holds the key to sustainability – something that has eluded many efforts of the development industry in recent years. […] durable development requires the formation of local assets, the fostering of trust, and capacity building from the bottom up.”

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This is a special feature of the Alliance Magazine of 2016, with nineteen contributions on different aspects of community philanthropy, including several challenges. Of course, this was long before the Covid-19 pandemic, so the reality of today may have changed to some degree.
Because the contributions are short and to the point, they do not need to be read all at once.
You’ll get free access to the individual articles in this issue of Alliance Magazine using the following link: https://www.alliancemagazine.org/feature/shiftthepower-rise-community-philanthropy/ Under this link you will find an introduction and reflections by Jenny Hodgson and Barry Knight, who briefly introduce the articles and provide links to them.


Community Philanthropy

Author: Various

Publisher/source/organization: Alliance Magazine

Place and year of issue: London VOL 21 NUMBER 4 DEC

Type: Article

Country/region: Worldwide

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