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The fundsforNGOs Guide for NGOs on Corporate Social Responsibility


“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) presents an excellent opportunity for NGOs to engage with corporate donors and seek funding for social projects. Corporate Social responsibility has opened up new gateways for NGOs in developing solutions to various societal issues. Private sector, local businesses and International Corporations have huge potential to financially support the Not for Profit sector. There are several ways in which you can engage a corporate donor towards addressing social issues.
“However, most NGOs are unable to make use of this opportunity because of the inability to present their proposition in the right way. To help you to get better access to CSR funds this guide is an attempt to understand CSR and the various steps to identify and contact corporate donors.
“Section 1 deals with basic questions related to CSR. Section 2 of the guide deals with important steps in identifying and contacting CSR donors. Section 3 and 4 provides information related to examples of Sector wise CSR activities and Tips for corporate fundraising respectively. Section 5 enlists some CSR Donors from 10 countries viz. Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Canada.”

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This important guide is accessible only through the Premium membership of fundsforNGOs https://home.fundsforngospremium.com/ , which costs US$ 100 a year.
The list of important corporations engaging in CSR in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Malawi can be a useful reference NGOs in those countries.
Also, there are very good tips on how to approach such corporations.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Author: N.a.

Publisher/source/organization: fundsforNGOs LLC

Place and year of issue: New York NY 2020

Type: Guide

Country/region: Worldwide Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Malawy

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