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Building a Successful Relationship with Corporate Donors


“Charity fundraising has changed dramatically over the last few years. Corporate Social Responsibility has opened up new gateways for NGOs in developing and sustaining their programmes. Private Corporations have huge potential to support the Not for Profit sector in several ways. Though soliciting corporate support/funding is not easy, a methodological approach can ease out the process. To increase your chances of securing a grant from corporate donors, you must develop a comprehensive approach for building a strong relationship with them. If you are in the process of planning out corporate fundraising, this guide is a must-read for your fundraising team. To help you out, the guide has been divided into three sections, each section deals with the various stages required for building a successful corporate partnership.
Stage 1- Research:
- Knowing the Donor
- Knowing yourself
Stage 2- Relationship Building:
- Identify the right donor
- Meeting the Prospect
- Provide multiple options for engagement
- Developing the Proposition
- Make the ‘Ask’
Stage 3- Strengthening the relationship:
- Consistent Communication
- Engage the Donor
- Organize Site Visits”

Review by Wilde Ganzen

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This is a document relevant, in our opinion, for bigger NGOs seeking a long-term funding relationship. Following these guidelines entails a lot of work, the rewards of which will take time to materialize.
Nevertheless, useful reading.


Corporate Donors

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Publisher/source/organization: fundsforNGOs LLC

Place and year of issue: New York NY 2019

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