How to Prepare Your Proposal in under 60 Minutes


“A proposal is an important document that represents your organization and helps you to raise funds for the causes you really care for. Writing proposals for funding is one of the most crucial aspects for any NGO. No matter how big or small your organization is you cannot get away from writing a project proposal.
Proposal Writing is not a child’s play, but it is also not rocket science either. Seasoned campaigners do it within a short span of time. So how do they do it? What makes them fast and good at the same time? This guide will brief you on how to be quick and effective to prepare a proposal lightning fast. There certainly is no shortcut to write a quality proposal, but there are certain tips that can help you in preparing your proposals in a short time.
This guide discusses some important and effective tips that will surely help you in reducing the time you spend in writing proposals.
The guide has been divided into three sections:
Section 1: Pre-Proposal Preparations
Section 2: Proposal Drafting
Section 3: Best Practices for writing a proposal in 60 minutes.”

Review by Wilde Ganzen

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A useful short guide about making a project proposal. It describes all the necessary elements. In our opinion, however, the title is completely misplaced. We consider three working days to be the minimum, if, and only if, all necessary decisions and data are available.


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Publisher/source/organization: fundsforNGOs LLC

Place and year of issue: New York NY 2019

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