Messaging this Moment: a Handbook for Progressive Communicators


This is a handbook on ways to communicate a progressive message. Elaboration of these principles:
1. Lead with shared values, not problems
2. Bring people into the frame – offer clear villains and heroes
3. Create something good, don’t merely reduce something bad
4. Focus on outcomes, not process
5. Describe what you seek, not what you oppose
6. Introduce particular circumstances and harms after shared value
7. Alienating the opposition, without provoking backlash from them, is not merely acceptable – it is necessary
8. Get less modest!

Review by Wilde Ganzen

The focus of this document is communicating a progressive stance in the USA. So it is culturally very much an American way of handling things.
It can be useful also in other parts of the world, because the eight principles are well elaborated, with many examples.


Communication techniques

Author: Anat Shenker-Osorio

Publisher/source/organization: Center for Community Change https://communitychange.org/

Place and year of issue: Washington, DC

Type: Guidebook

Country/region: Worldwide

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