Our Voices, Our Environment: the state of funding for women’s environmental action


Women across the globe are designing, implementing, and scaling up solutions to address the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, which are among the most urgent issues the world faces.
The current funding gap for women and the environment signifies a missed opportunity for funders, who are committed to ensuring a healthy and equitable world for all, to create greater impact. To confront the most pressing environmental challenges, women must have adequate access to resources, opportunities, and decision-making power.
This report includes 34 interviews with funders, local women leaders, and regional and international advocates.

“Our Community, Our Environment offers:
• Mapping of funding levels and existing initiatives in support of women and the environment;
• Case studies illustrating the impact of women-led strategies to address environmental challenges, from protecting ancestral lands against gold-mining contamination in Indonesia to reforestation in Kenya’s Rift Valley;
• Lessons learned and funding strategies from peer grantmakers active at this nexus;
• Issue-specific entry points for funders already engaged in environmental grantmaking;
• Opportunities and guidance from women’s rights activists for funders that want to strengthen their existing grantmaking and take further action.” (Source: https://www.bothends.org/en/Whats-new/Publicaties/Our-Voices-our-environment-the-state-of-funding-for-women-s-environmental-action/ - consultation date: 24th of August 2022)

Review by Wilde Ganzen

Very inspiring reading on challenges and possibilities of funding environmental projects initiated and led by women. With useful listing of funding agencies who already support these kind of projects.


Women Environment

Author: Christen Dobson; Steven Lawrence

Publisher/source/organization: Global Greengrants Fund www.greengrants.org; Prospera www.prospera-inwf.org; In partnership with the Wallace Global Fund and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA).

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Type: Research report

Country/region: Worldwide

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