msShifting the Power

Planning and Managing Leadership Transitions among CSOs in West Africa


Succession planning is not a common practice in Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The objectives of this Issue Paper are to:
• Make a case for the importance of succession planning, and
• Use the experiences of CSOs to provide realistic suggestions on how CSOs can execute a smooth succession from one leader to the next at all levels within the organisation.
The analysis focuses on the succession planning processes and practices. It includes case studies of transition processes in four CSOs in West Africa.
The publisher, WACSI, is a member of the Change the Game Academy Alliance.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

A very useful, clear and well written how-to paper on a very important issue for the continuation of any organisation. Early planning is essential!


Leadership transition

Author: Elongué, C.C.N. & Adarkwa, K.

Publisher/source/organization: West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Place and year of issue: Accra, Ghana 2020

Type: Guide

Country/region: Africa

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