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Uncovering Potential of Domestic Resource Mobilisation During COVID-19 in Ghana


Full title: Local Giving During COVID-19 in Ghana: Uncovering the Potential of Domestic Resource Mobilisation in Ghana

The rise of the novel Coronavirus disease affected the development of African countries. The flow of financial resources to support the fight against the pandemic has dwindled. In Ghana, local mobilisation of resources through giving was used as an approach to generate internal resources to fight the pandemic.
WACSI, in partnership with the Special Attention Project set out to:
• Investigate the trend and the scope of local giving in Ghana, and
• Assess its applicability as an alternative resource mobilisation approach for Civil Society Organisations.
The study found that Ghanaians were giving in cash and in kind to support efforts to fight the pandemic. Giving directly to the civil society sector was found to be low because of citizens’ perception of the sector and the difficulties in identifying organisations to support. The study recommends that government should put in place the requisite formal structures and systems for giving, to facilitate the process of giving to the sector through domestic resource mobilisation as a
sustainable approach towards supporting social justice, social protection and social accountability in Ghana.
The publisher, WACSI, is a member of the Change the Game Academy Alliance.

Review by Wilde Ganzen

This is a very accessible report of a study about the challenges of generating in-country support for vulnerable people in the pandemic. Its main conclusion, on page 46, is:
“that local giving can be used as an alternative approach to mobilise resources instead of wholly depending on foreign aid. However, a mobilisation plan needs to be developed, trust needs to be built, and a local giving – friendly infrastructure put in place, for this approach to work successfully.”
How this should be done, is made very clear in case studies.
Good reading, also for non-Ghanaians.


Domestic resource mobilisation

Author: Nancy Kankam Kusi, WACSI, a.o.

Publisher/source/organization: West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Place and year of issue: Accra, Ghana 2020

Type: Research report

Country/region: Africa Ghana

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