Assessment of The Legal Environment for Civil Society In Ghana


Full title: Rapid Assessment of The Legal Environment for Civil Society Including Philanthropic Organisations In Ghana

The practice of philanthropy is alive and active in Africa. Yet, there is a lack of an enabling policy environment. This includes the absence of clear tax or other incentives for more strategic and structured philanthropy. Although Africans are willing to donate for good causes, CSOs and philanthropic institutions in many African countries face serious barriers. Barriers that limit them from accessing or providing such resources.
This could be due to the lack of a favourable legal architecture or enabling environment. This lack affects not just philanthropy but the activities of African civil society organisations (CSOs) in general. A strong legal framework crafted, amongst others, to help facilitate the flow of local resources from the private sector, interested groups and individuals, governments and others to African CSOs, would make a difference. It is in this context that WACSI and the Africa Philanthropic Network (APN) commissioned this assessment on the legal environment for CSOs and philanthropy in Ghana. One of its rationale is to help improve understanding amongst CSOs, governments and other stakeholders on philanthropy in Ghana.
The following issues concerning CSOs are discussed in this report: Registration, Government Oversight, Foreign Funding, International Contacts, Financial Transactions, Tax, Restrictions on Policy Engagements, Participation, and Sustainability.
The report synthesises the opinions of relevant stakeholder institutions in Ghana, and those of about thirty CSOs from all over the country.

The publisher, WACSI, is a member of the Change the Game Academy Alliance.
The commissioner, APN, is a member of the Giving for Change Alliance.

(Philanthropy: The desire to promote the welfare of others or private initiatives for public good.)

Review by Wilde Ganzen

Useful reading for all interested in the formal position of CSOs and the role governments can play in enabling Civil Society to thrive.


CSO law

Author: Edem Kwami Senanu, a.o.

Publisher/source/organization: West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Place and year of issue: Accra, Ghana 2020

Type: Research report

Country/region: Africa Ghana

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